Thursday, December 9, 2010

My206Club: 2010 Year End Grand TT

On 20th November 2010 (Saturday), My206Club held a Year End Grand TT @ Shah Alam Stadium Car Park (C). There's at least more than 20 206 owners attended this event. Many thanks to those that attend making this event more grand.

Firstly, apologies for the poor arrangements, not mentioning which exact car park (thanks for the members for highlighting to me which car park), and also no contact provided in the forum.

Anyway, all the members gathered at the Car Park (C) around 11am, introducing and get to know each other, checking out each others ride while waiting for the others. We then head for Lunch around 1pm.

Panorama with Nokia N8

Sony's Sweep Panorama

We were suppose to head to the Burger King & KFC @ Extreme Park Shah Alam for Lunch, but somehow during the convoy there, the group split and most of the group end up another place for lunch. I guess there is a mis-communication there.

Around 2pm, we head back to Car Park (C) for the remaining session while some members left. During this session, there is boot sales by tnash and checking out the modifications done on members cars, information sharing, etc. ridt also tested dauz87's cool green lion with Morette headlights. Some of the members were catching up with each other after so long, we have Henry who came all the way from Penang, Ethan who traveled from Malacca and Joe (TitanRev) who traveled from Seremban after work (during Lunch time), so basically Joe didn't had his lunch but lowpro packed and treated him a KFC meal for him already.
(If I miss out anybody from outstation, please do forgive me >.< )
Boot Sale by tnash

Free Inspection by tnash - Operation Lion's "Butt" Inspection

Wan Umar's White Lion & Lion King's 206 with "GT Bumper"

dauz87's cool green Lion

Around 3:30pm or so, some members wanted to leave already and seeing the weather was OK (as in the sun isn't striking), we head on for the photo shoot To make things short, we finally gathered at the photo shoot place around 4pm, and the weather isn't looking good during this time. As I try to arrange the cars for the photo shoot, there were already drizzles. Again to make things short, rain starts pouring and everyone rush to their lions and started leaving ending the TT session.

Basically, we miss out the Photo Session and also the Lucky Draw! Although, we managed to shoot some picture before the photo session and thanks to few of the members carrying theirbig weapon their like Canon's, Nikon's, Sony's, etc. There is quite an amount of pictures. I've included some into this blog, while others can be viewed from My206Club Facebook page.

By the way, initially, there was suppose to be a Peugeot 207 Sedan for us to view but unfortunately the car didn't managed to get registered.

More pictures, including a video below:
NOTE: There's another video by En Jay in My206Club Facebook page.

Weather is not on our side...

The Video
(film with Nokia N8 - HD version available):