Saturday, January 24, 2009

308.. spotted!

308 Spotted!!! and i am allowed to post 2 pic. up only hehe

White really looks nice.. and the rims.. oh yeah.. this is 308 THP

And dont worry about the Naza logo.. it is an easy to peel off stickers..

206 1.4L Fuel Consumption Survey

Recently, there the 206 Bestari (1.4L 8V) got 2nd place in terms of Fuel Consumption under Compact "Premium" City Cars category for Bosch Fuel Efficiency Awards 2008 by Asian-Auto. For the event, the cute little lion scored 5.9L/100KM, while the 1st place was 5.6L/100KM by Fiat Panda.
More info can be viewed here:

Thumbs up and bravo for the cute little lion~ But as we all know, these test might not reflect on real life driving situations, and Fuel Consumption may varies between different driving style / drivers. The event was more of "Efficiency" and how well the cute little lion is able to perform.

So, perhaps owners or potential buyers are more concerned and interested with the actual figure or data from an actual 206 1.4L owner.
For this, we have gathered information from around and we're really greatful that one of our members are willing to share his "data" (a very detailed one, I must say).

You can also visit the link below, one of our member (intermilan) posted a topic on Fuel Consumption database contribution by any members (very good information; includes different engine variants on the 206 and also transmission).
Thanks a lot to intermilan!

The below "data" and analysis is contributed by uncledee. Million~Billion thanks to uncledee for providing such detailed and useful information!

As shown in the table above, you can see it is possible to achieve up to 45mpg or 16KM/L or 6.2L/100Km for normal driving with moderate speeds (highway acording to speed limit; best is maintain around 90km/h).

Please take note that this data is accumulated by normal/daily driving, not for test reasons where one removes items in the car to reduce weight or driving without air-conditioning, etc.

The below is the table with very detailed information for your references:

And also a chart/graph for your references =)

As you can see from the "detail" data above, the Fuel Consumption may varies depending on the driving condition, style, etc.

So, hope the above information are useful for those who are interested and concern about the Fuel Consumption of the car.

As I've mentioned, the actual Fuel Consumption may varies between different drivers. The car may have "such" Fuel Consumption ratings or able to achieve such figures, but in the end, it still depends on the driver and his right foot (or whichever foot you use to press the gas pedal, or other tools/parts you may use, =P )
Thus, you may heard some owners complained badly on the Fuel Consumption while some owners have achieved very good Fuel Consumption.

Allow me to share my thoughts and views on "Fuel Consumption"; Sometimes, many people argued that they didn't drive fast (maintain around 90km/h on highways), but yet, they still have poor Fuel Consumption?
One reason I can "assume" is most probably how one actually "drive" the car; For example,
1. The number of start and stops made (engine on and off)
2. Stop and Go driving (traffic lights, traffic jams, tolls); When you stop or slowed down, you need to "push"/"move" the car up to a certain speed again.
3. How one launches off from stop or slow speed, or overtake cars.

The above, might be overlooked by some people; Yes, one might been driving sedately at 90km/h in highway, but if the person launches off the car quickly (want to get up to speed or overtake, etc), it can affect on how much Fuel is burned. It might be more obvious if there is few traffic lights or tolls, one might want to get off quickly (sounds familiar)?
But then, don't just drive like a tortoise because you want to save on "some" Fuel. Adjust and drive according to the traffic.
Another scenario is, during traffic jams, especially slight traffic jams, how you "drive" can affect your Fuel Consumption too; If you like to keep close distance, launch quickly and stop hard/harshly; You'll burn more Fuel and also affects other parts of your car, such as, brakes, suspension, etc).

Well, that's my opinion on possibilities of why sometimes 2 owners can have different Fuel Consumption figures. Of course, there is also other factors such as Fuel Quality/Brand, Engine Oil, etc. But apart from that, the driving style can also affect the Fuel Consumption. A good example I can share is, I have a friend whose girlfriend is driving a Myvi, when he drove her car, he has quite a different Fuel Consumption figures compared to hers, and both also driving about the same condition. It's the same car, but from my observation, on traffic lights, she loves to get off quickly, and during minor traffic jam on highway, my friend, the guy, hardly needs to stop compared to his girlfriend.

Lastly, despite all the concern on Fuel Consumption, hope you don't drive like a tortoise just to save a little fuel. Just drive according to speed limit and normally, adjust according to traffic condition. Please also do consider for other drivers, especially during traffic light, it's green, no car in front, but because you want to save that fuel, you just maintained your speed, not willing to step more on the gas pedal.

Drive Safely, Smartly and Be Considerate.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Meguiar’s Auto Detailing Clinic.

Last Saturday (17th January 2009), My206Club attended Meguiar's Detailing Clinic by Hypercoat for Peugeot Club Malaysia (PCM). Many thanks to BlackDolphin for organizing such event.

Funny and yet something very meaningful, we were suppose to have the clinic somewhere in December 2008, there's even 2 different dates proposed by Hypercoat; Somehow something happened and the event was postponed to January and actually back then, the organizer was not really happy with it. But, there's a bright side to it.

1. More members are able to sign up and join
2. Because it falls on January and Chinese New Year is just around the corner; The "Show Car" is just in time for Chinese New Year~
3. The demo car(s), one for car wash only and another polish & wax demo (on the bonnet only) cars, was very very lucky to recieve a "standard" detailling package. (Chinese New Year "gift"? LoL~)

"Oh, did I mentioned, it's done by the masters? Yes, with the 's'"

Lastly,... check out the Meguiar's Calendar below for January 2009!!!

Peugeot 206!!!
Meguiar's Calendar - January 2009
Coincidence? I really don't know what to say, but put a BIG SMILE =)
(P/S: There's even another Peugeot 206cc poster on display inside the waiting area)

Waiting area with some products on display

The Gold Class Car Wash (Right), Smooth Surface Clay Kit (Middle) and "cannot see or remember what was it already"

Show Car - Peugeot 406
(3 Days Ultimate Detailing)

The event started off with very informative and interesting presentation by Ms. Lowe. The presentation by her was excellent, informative, interesting and fun; she also tries to relates many detailing scenarios with real life scenarios (such as, facial terms, applying lotion, sunblocks, etc). Ok, I'm not so good at explaining as her, so I'll keep it simple; Applying wax is important as it provides "protection" to your car, think of it as applying lotions, sunblock to your skin to protect your skin.
The presentation was also very well done with many interesting parts and with some jokes to keep the audience entertain and interested. They also did not emphasize too much on purchasing their product, rather, more on understanding their products and the range of products available.
Another part which she has done well is explaning different range of products even for consumers, such as,
1. Gold Class range (slightly more expensive)
2. NXT range (average)
3. Classic range (cheaper)

She also highlighted that if one is more budget conscious and wanted to give Meguiar's a try, can go for the Classic range.

Anyway, the presentation was very well done. The presentation ended with a "bonus" presentation by her "SHIFU", Mr. William, explaining the more technical parts and sharing his experiences and advice, with additional bonus of "Paint" knowledge for us~

After the presentation, we moved on to Car Wash demonstration where they explain to us the "proper" way and technique to wash our cars. The lucky car for this demo is Andy's BB Lion, and he's also requested to "demo" his washing skill while monitored by them and give advice to him while he is performing the "demo".

Andy in "action"; Giving his lion "tender loving care (TLC)"

More... more... =P

Two Bucket System;
1. You dip your wash mitt inside the Clean Water bucket to remove any dirt/contaminants.
2. Dip your clean wash mitt into the Shampoo bucket to "get" the new Shampoo.
(These are steps to prevent swirls marks on your car)

Clean & Shiny now~
(Actually there's a lot of swirls marks and water marks =P)

Next, we all move on to Eugene's Premium BB Lion which has already given a car wash when we reach; It is now time to demonstrate on Surface Preparation (Claying, Paint Cleaning) and also Polishing and Waxing.

Getting Ready...

Getting more anxious now...
(Where are you guys???)

After Claying...
(and various "touching" & "molesting" by the members to test the "smoothness"... poor Lion)

The swirls marks...

Preparing for "ScratchX" demo...

After "ScratchX" demo...

Before (Left) & After (Right) Polish...

While Eugene's car is under "demo", we notice Andy's BB Lion is receiving "special treatment" by the MASTERS~
It's said that it's very rare to see all the "masters" working on a car; Oh My... how lucky!!!
(I think I saw Andy jumping up and down in joy =P)

Next up, the masters went and worked on Eugene's Premium BB Lion~

Well, on the below picture, you can see the different moments when doing detailing~

There's the "serious" moments

Then, there's some tough times...

Finally, most important of all, the Happy moments, the joy of detailing~ =)
(Especially when you see the results)

Before we left, there was actually a lucky draw event (but too bad many already left, but they're real lucky cause most of their names were called at the beginning!). So all of us get a FREE gift (from vouchers to products). Poor Andy, his name is "missing", luckily the pretty lady known as Esther pity him and give him another chance.

Most of the members left with many bags of products, hehe; Guess there goes our Chinese New Year pocket money and shopping... Those need to prepare money for "Ang Pao", maybe can consider donate in form the of "products", =P

Lastly, below is a shot captured by Andy when he reach home...

Friday, January 16, 2009

308!!!! Spotted one the road...

Oh well. its more like the 308 signboard spotted on the road. And the best part is.. the signaboard light is on!...

I guess the Peugeot Naza guys had been getting busy since that the Media launch will be on the 19th Jan and official launch on the 29th Jan..

Thanks to lowpro for the photos..

Sunday, January 11, 2009

My206Club first TT for year 2009. (Seremban TT)

10 Jan 2009, the first TT session of My206club.
Venue: Seremban
Host: Titan aka Joe
Members :
  1. TitanRev (Joe)
  2. Gilamon (Sylvan)
  3. Etetet (Ethan)
  4. Epang Eugene)
  5. Danielle
  6. lowpro
  7. Ian (Danielle partner)
  8. Ting (future 206 owner)
The TT somehow started quite messy and funny. At 8.45am i pickup Ting at KSSC and we headed to the meeting point at Shell petrol station after the Sg.Besi toll. Then suddenly Danielle called me and said she had overshot the meeting point and now goin toward Seremban.. lol

The messy part
Then i called up xloader and he told me he cant make it (fly aeroplane) (luckily i called him up or else i will be waiting there like an idiot). So me and Ting move on toward Seremban, then gilamon called me up and say we should gather at Seremban R&R which we did later on and also met up with Danielle and her partner.

Around 11+am we (Me, Slyvan and Danielle) move toward Seremban and reaches there around 12pm. Called up Joe and he said he was on the way to met us at the toll. 3 minutes later i saw Joe's orange colours car from afar, as there is alot of traffic i only saw the colour and last 3 digit of the car (206) then i flashed at Slyan to let him know Joe is here and lets go (he is infront of me). We followed Joe into the city and half way i forgot that Ethan was coming from malacca and we suppose to him at the toll too. So i called up Joe. And in the conversation:

The funny part
M- Joe we supposed to met up Ethan at the toll too.. should we go back?
J- Yeah, i saw ethan already and i going to get him and lead him.. where you guys?
M- Err you saw Ethan? where? we are behind you.
J- Behind me? where? i didnt see you guys driving a naza Citra? (there is 2 behind him)
M- uh?.. errm nope we are behind you, gilamon behind you and i am behind him (By this time Danielle also missing lol)
J- err nope i didnt see you guys, did you follow the right car?
M- Ok wait are you driving your pug? (being thinking that he might be driving another car and the car we following is his family members driving it)
J- No i am driving pug.

Then i check the car infront.. shit.. no spoiler!, stock exhaust!..

M- Ok shit we follow somebody else.. wait i let gilamon know and stop following (i flash my headlight and park at a side.)

Somehow gilamon also flashes the car infront of him and luckily that guy didnt stop lol.. poor guy must be very scared coz suddenly being followed by 3x206 around half the seremban.

Then we reorganize, called up Danielle and pointed at here where to met and called up Joe and asking him where to go. And finally we arrived at the A&W restaurant safe and sound... had our lunch there.
For the 2nd part of the session we move on to Joe's uncle tyre shop. At the shop we also met up with lowpro who had just arrived from KL (after work)
We chatted for awhile found out some prices (Original OZ rims for less than RM3k but only in 17" min size) Then we do some moddification on lowpro's car hehe.. well he just bought the K&N from Gilamon.

For the last part we went to Era walk for dinner.. bak kut teh.. nice.. and another funny things happens again, somewhere on the way to Era Walk we were stuck in a red light, then the light turn green but the 'india uncle' riding a motorbike is not moving, so joe being the first car infront give him a horn, that 'uncle' got shock and start to move but on the sametime also cursing Joe. Then i notice that 'uncle' was moving toward the middle of the road and me being the second car and so close to him i horn him and he move out of the way. Later i found out that Danielle also horn the 'uncle' coz after i pass thru again he moving toward the middle of the road!... LoL.. poor 'uncle' we didnt meant to do that.. it is dangerous la to ride a bike while cursing a car and moving toward middle of the road at the same time...
After Dinner and more talksand jokes ,around 5.30pm the session ended and we all starting to go on our way, Joe goin home, Ethan goin back to Malacca and Gilamon, Danielle and me goin towards KL

On the way back, Danielle was following me closely (Actually her partner is driving the car) and she actually speed up to 160kmph! and at one point almost bang! into me lol.. now who said that new car will accident once at the A&W conversation before and didnt touch wood!!?

Sorry about the end credit name at the ending of the clip.. yeah a few mistaken name spelling.. and please dont make me redo it la.. so many hard work plus uploading would be a hell with my current isp

Thursday, January 8, 2009

First TT for year 2009

Dear all 206ers..

Its time for another TT session for the my206club members. The first in year 2009, and we hope to get some new owners who had just gotten thier car to join us.

Date: 10 Jan 2009 (saturday)
Time: 10.00am(gather at the Petrol station Just after Sg. Besi Toll)
Then Convoy to Seremban.

Estimated time reaches seremban at 10.45am.
(Those who are coming from the difference route eg. Malacca, Johor can met up at the Seremban Toll. )
Continue the convoy to Era Walk and met up with Titan aka Joe ( the seremban 206 (lion) King)

Estimated time: 11.30am-12.00pm (Lunch there at Era Walk)

Time: 3.00pm (Convoy to Titan aka Joe' uncles tyre shop to check out any goodies around there, 15" rims with PCD108 maybe?)

Time: 5.00pm (well up to you guys.. wana head back or see if Joe got any others interesting activities)

For those who are interested please sign up.

1. Titan aka Joe (seremban)
2. Ethan (will be goin from malacca n met up at Seremban toll)
3. Eugene ( from K.L)
4. Xloader (from K.L)
5. lowpro (will be at seremban around 3pm)
6. Danielle (from K.L)
(our first girl power member to join us on TT, so guys behave!)
7. TonyTing (from K.L)
8. Koinmove (from K.L)-?
9. Terry (from K.)-?
10.Andy (from Klang)-?

?= Please confirm.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Simple Guide to Removing/Installing the Front Emblem

With Naza's new scheme for purchasing the 206 Bestari at zero interest repayment, we are getting more and more new members now. Many of the new owners want to know how to remove/install the front emblem on their 206.

For the benefits of our new members, here's a simple guide and some photos showing you how to remove/install the front emblem. It's actually very simple. Hopefully with these photos you guys can get a clearer picture of what you're gonna do.

Click on the photos to make them bigger.


Step 1.

Pop your bonnet and open it. You will see something similar to the photo below.
Pull up the 4 pins and take them out. Keep them aside at a safe place. Don't lose any of it.

Step 2.

Take the plastic cover out. In the photo below you can see how it's held onto the front grille. You may need some force to take it out for the first time. But now with the photos, you know how's mounted, should be a lot easier.

Step 3.
With the plastic cover taken away. This is what you will see.

Step 4.

At the rear of the emblem, you can see one screw.

That's the screw that holds the front emblem onto the front grille.

Step 5.
Using TORX T25 wrench, undo the screw... And you'll have the front emblem removed.

Step 6.
This is what you will see when you take away the front emblem.
Now, do all the steps above in a reverse way to install the new emblem.

Alright, that's it.
See? It's really simple, right?

Let's DIY and have fun!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Tyre calculation for your 206

Recently due to alot of 206 owners who wishes to change thier stock tyre or rims to a better or performance type but didnt know what size of the tyre they should go for. Ive listed some info for your referrence.

Here are some list of difference rims and tyre comparing with the stock set. What most importantly in looking for the right size of the tyre/rims is, to keep the speedometer reading as close as possible to the original stock.

Please be aware that for 1.4L the best size is to go for a 15" rims. For max. size it is 16" (which will void your warranty, unless it was from NZ Galaxy)

Stock : 175/65/14

For 14" rims

Tyre 1: 175/65/14 (Best size)
Speedometer reading : 0.0% too fast
( speedometer reading at 60kmph, actual speed 60kmph)
Tyre 2: 185/60/14
Speedometer reading : 0.9% too fast
( speedometer reading at 60kmph, actual speed 59.4kmph)

For 15" rims

Tyre 1: 185/55/15 (Best size)

Speedometer reading : 0.2% too slow
( speedometer reading at 60kmph, actual speed 60.1kmph)
Tyre 2: 195/50/15
Speedometer reading : 1.2% too fast
( speedometer reading at 60kmph, actual speed 59.3kmph)
Tyre 3: 205/50/15
Speedometer reading : 0.5% too slow
( speedometer reading at 60kmph, actual speed 60.3kmph)

For 16" rims

Tyre 1: 205/45/16
Speedometer reading : 1.3% too slow
( speedometer reading at 60kmph, actual speed 60.8kmph)
Tyre 2: 215/40/16
Speedometer reading : 0.8% too fast
( speedometer reading at 60kmph, actual speed 59.5kmph)
Tyre 3: 225/40/16 (Best size)
Speedometer reading : 0.6% too slow
( speedometer reading at 60kmph, actual speed 60.3kmph)

Hope this will give you some idea when selecting a tyre size for your new rims or just wanted to try a difference size tyre on the stock rims.

For more others size you can check it out from here at Tire Size Calculator

Friday, January 2, 2009

My206Club Forum up and running..

Thanks to AutoWorld Forum (Jaime), now My206club had its own forum where everyone can share thier tought, question, hapiness, sadness etc on it with all the members.

You can access to the forum from here My206Club Forum

But currently the forum is by invitation only.. meaning if you are invited, you can read and post if not then read only.
If you are not invited and wishes to join in the forum please do so by sending an email to Andy (My206GTi) or me

Thank you.