Sunday, November 30, 2008

Peugeot 308 GT Test Drive, The 206 New Family Members.

Last Saturday Andy and I (Eugene) were at BlueBox Glenmarie to get our 206 some check up. But to our surprise, we were offered to test drive the 308 GT which was the crown car there; Andy got so excited that he looked/acted like a small kid jumping up and down, OK, maybe not that far, hehe. But the service manager said that he is too short for the car, LoL~ and suspect he might stall the engine due to the "long" clutch. Luckily, he didn't do stall the car, haha, else the video would be funny.
If those who went to the 407 test drive before they will know that you only can touch and sit inside the 308GT ONLY... but now we had actually 'been there, done that'. It's just so nice and unbelievable experience, and we're so thankful to the person who offered us the test drive; and it's quite lucky that Andy requested me to bring my video camera because we were also planning to do some "Top Secret Movie Project", OK, I was just exaggerating, we're actually planning to shoot some video for the "Air Filter" upgrade article.

As I am kinda more into automatic transmission car, so I didnt actually drove the car myself. I leave it to Andy to give his reviews on this car as a manual transmisson *cought* *cough* "GTi" driver/owner.

For my part you can check it out on my own blog. NO ?DEA

Andy, I pass to you.... catch!

Andy: Ok, thank you so much Eugene for such nice video editing and the person who offered the Test Drive; Very very grateful, really~ Thank you so much!

First of all, as usual, in a test drive, I would first like to apologize for causing "fear/scary" moments; Hope you guys still can take it; I really didn't "overdo" or "drive without anticipation", as you can see from the video itself too, I didn't go full on the corners, and for the famous "corner of death" from Eugene 407 Test Drive video, you can actually see I downshift very early and didn't enter very fast, and for those 2 way road/corner, you can see I don't drive onto oncoming car lane, and I only fully throttle when I got a better view of the road.
The scary/dangerous part to know is; Actually, it was my first time driving on the "corner of death" and also the other corners (where in the video you can hear someone saying the Porshe Cayman crashed). I knew about the corner is from the tyre shop guy who drove me there when he was checking my alignment issues, but I never driven there before nor actually remember the road inside.
So hope the news above doesn't scare those in the car...

Next, let's talk about the car; As mentioned by Eugene, I was told I'm short and not suit to drive the car >.<, also, was told that I might stall the car (due to the "long" clutch)
Luckily, the "long" clutch issue is the same with my 206 GTi, so, I have no problems with it; in fact, it is better than my 206 GTi, and the gear throw was shorter and just nice and much smoother; Love it~
I also love the way it engage to "Reverse" gear and also the "behaviour" of the car before and after you engage into "Reverse" gear =)

Due to the "long" clutch, many people might have trouble getting smooth gear change and "fast" response; If you press the clutch fully during gear change, you would have "jerks" or "pull" when you let off the clutch after engaging the next gear, which will result to "loss" or power. It will be most obvious if you're "sprinting". 
If it is done correctly, you can get smooth gear change and smooth acceleration.
Another way is by installing "Clutch Stopper"; but I heard from the Service Manager that the clutch can be "adjusted". Cool!
By the way, sorry for those inside the car feeling uncomfortable during those "poor" shifting moments, especially during 1st and 2nd gear.

Oh, by the way, the brake and gas pedal are quite far apart, so I'm having some problem with heel-toe downshift; or maybe it could simply because my foot is not long enough? LoL, but I have no such problems with the 206 GTi.

In regards to power of this car; It's superb! And the engine is so much quieter compared to my GTi; You can easily OVER-REV this car, as you can see in the video below, I actually OVER-REV few times without noticing it; the RPM goes up way fast and the engine is still so quiet. So sorry for doing the "damages" >.<

There's one part I mentioned about "Blow-Off" which I heard, I don't remember this car having blow-off valve but somehow I heard it that time; When talk to someone in Nasim, he said it was actually not a blow-off valve, so I have no idea where the sound came from~ But it's really nice to hear~

Next, we talk about handling of this car; Despite being a Sports car, the suspension setup is very comfortable and absorbs bump well unlike my GTi which you can feel every bump pretty bad. Anyway, here's a good news for 206 owners (I think); I feel the 206 actually handles better! I didn't know it until after this test drive, I took my 206 GTi for a spin with the same route (my 1st time with 206 GTi on that route too), and actually felt more confident and felt it handles better~
I don't know, maybe the 308 GT was higher? Or maybe the tyre pressure was too high? Or maybe I'm not used to the car yet? (Actually, I didn't really had a chance to sit "properly" yet, too excited!)
Hmm... but anyhow, it's a happy news for 206 owners "lah", hehe~
But that day was also another day which the 206 amazes me "once" again with it's handling~

Ok, I know, I talk too much, hehe, anyway, all I can say is, the car is totally superb! And once again, I would like to say a million thanks for the Test Drive offer, plus, the petrol; We're really really grateful for the offer and I hope the passengers are also "erm" having a great time despite the "thrilling" moments.
Enjoy the video below~


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Peugeot Vision interview

Today i was interview by Syah from CBT for the Peugeot Vision Mag about the 206. We meet at the Steven's Corner at Setapak and chatted abit on 308GT, 407 and 206.. i also did mentions about our members car such as Andy's GTi, Joe heavy mod and future Turbo mod 206 etc.. also i did mentions about our my206club haha..

Then we went for some photoshooting.. so as you can see i didnt take any photo of the interview coz i was in the picture lol... well Syah said the mag will come out in 2 weeks time.. so lets just wait for the content eh...

TT at BlueBox Glenmarie.. Test it Feel it

I should had posted this weeks ago but was abit lazy to do it.. anyway Andy decided to change his suspension somewhere near future and wish to know how does it feel/differences between a Koni, Rc, Gti and stock suspension like.. So we decided to call up those 'modded' car to test/feel it.

Andy's Gti

My Premium

Ethan Manual

TitanRev's with Koni suspension

Terry's with RC suspension

Actually we tested Titan n Terry cars.... then Titan was goin off soon... suddenly everyone is goin leaving Andy there alone hahaha.. actually Andy's plan was to test all cars, manual, auto, tiptronic.. but since he didnt mention or ask us to stay we tot its over so everyone shot off... poor Andy hahaha

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Meguiar’s Auto Detailing Clinic.

10th Jan 09 or 17th Jan 09
Time : 9.00am to 2.00pm
Venue: Meguiar’s Show Car Detail Center (Jalan Templer,PJ)
Ref: BlackDolphin - 0122688053

Time Event
0930hrs Arrival of esteem members of Peugeot Club Malaysia
1000hrs Introduction of Hypercoat & Meguiar's
1015hrs Presentation of Meguiar's
1045hrs Q & A
1100hrs Meguiar's Car Wash Demonstration
1130hrs Break time
1140hrs Meguiar's Paint Care Demonstration
1300hrs F&B
1330hrs Lucky Draw, Group Photo Session
1400hrs End

Hello guys and gals, sorry to say that the detailing clinic has to be postponed to January as one of the Meguiar's staff in charge is not around on 20th December.

After discussion with Meguiar's, they managed to confirm and hold 10th and 17th January for us. Therefore we have to take a poll and choose which date that most of us are agreeable to. Please put down your name and preferred date. We need to get the minimum 15 cars confirmed by 24th December. Sorry about the inconvenience.

1. BlackDolphin 10th January 2009 (17th Jan also can)

For those who is interested.. go to PCM forum
or just put your name in the comment area if you doesnt had an account there.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Go-Kart TT Planning

Date: 07 Dec 2008
Time: 2.00pm

Location: Stadium Shah Alam

City Karting Enterprise

Since 30/nov already been fully booked by others group, Terry is planning another Go-Karting and suggested date is 07 Dec 2008

It will be like a competition race with 20 peoples and devided in 2 Group of 10 each.

Group A (10ppl) Trial - 12mins
Group B (10ppl) Trial - 12mins

Group A (10ppl) Qualifying - 12mins
Group B (10ppl) Qualifying - 12mins

Final (Top 10 of both Group A+B) 12 rounds

Price and actual date/time yet to be confirm. But whoever is interested you can place your name here if you like. Please use the comment section to put your name and i will update it.


Interested members
1. Terry - Confirmed
2. Ethan - Confirmed
3. Koinmove - Confirmed
4. Andy - Confirmed
5. Eugene - Confirmed
6. Xloader - Confirmed
7.  Syan - Back Hometown
8.  Titanrev - Still Deciding
9.  lowpro - Outstation
10. Pumbaah - Confirmed
11. Gilamon206 - Busy

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Peugeot 206 1.4 8v Twin Turbo Supercharger Project

Car: Peugeot 206 1.1 8v
Engine: 1360 cc 8v (TU3)
2 x KKK K03
Eaton M45

VEMS 3.3
Custom equal length exhaust manifold, custom intake manifold,

Flywheel power @ 240 kPa;
175 hp @ 6060 rpm
224 nm @ 5339 rpm


The plan is to stay, initially, with a stock 1360 cc bottom end but to have an engine setup that has the potential to go far beyond the limits of the oem internals, yet retains drivability. Adding a roots type supercharger to create a compound setup does just that. The supercharger virtually increases the engines capacity giving the small 1360 cc unit the feel and advantages of a larger one. It also creates the ability to run high pressure ratios while keeping the chargers operating efficiently.

Getting started
After the selection of turbochargers and supercharger was done a quick assessment of the available space indicated ample room ... A closer look with the components in hand made us second guess that assumption... yes, it was going to be a tight fit.

Fabricating the exhaust manifold
The limited engine bay space allowed little options for placement of the turbochargers, and, since we prefered the turbochargers to be clearly visible when opening the hood the exhaust manifold style had to in a 'top mount' fashion. Downside of a top mount manifold is less room for the routing of other vital components so creating an equal length turbo manifold with the runners paired to suite the firing order and still allowed clearance for oil lines and charge pipes was quite a challenge.

A test fit of the two KKK K03 turbochargers togehter with the downpipe. Yes it is still possible to take the oil filter off without the need to remove the entire exhaust manifold ;).

Both turbochargers have an internal wastegate to regulate the amount of exhaust gas energy used for turbine wheel propulsion.

Mounting the supercharger
Supercharger of use is an Eaton M45, same model as used on the Mini Cooper. We wanted to keep the stock crankshaft pully so a new diameter pully for the supercharger had to be made to suite the setup goal.

The intake manifold was constructed from sheet aluminum plates and tubing. Since the charger exit was located very close to the entry ports of the head it left us little room for an exotic manifold design.

In this picture you can also see the mockup of the drive belt system, key in proper operation is supercharger mounting and pully alignment.

Charge pipe and intercooler fabrication
Construction of the charge piping was prett straight forward, although two airfilters were placed, enough room was left to keep the battery in the engine compartment.

From another point of view.

The only proper way to control fuel injection, ignition timing and all other engine facets to an extend that you have complete operational control is with a standalone programmable management system, Vems v3.3 is our weapon of choice.

The stock ecu and associated wiring is ditched to be replaced with a custom wiring loom, tailor-made to suite this setup.

Finished engine.

The new coolant tank is located in the stock ecu position, the supercharger prevented it to be mounted in it's original location.

Finished engine from another point of view.

Quite a bit of polishing had to be done, luckily it is one of our favourite pastimes...

In stock form the engine produces a maximum of 75 hp @ 5500 rpm and a maximum torque figure of 120 nm @ 2800 rpm. As you can see right at the start of our measuring point torque is above the maximum torque the engine develops in stock form. The gradual torque rise make this a very pleasant vehicle to drive.

Source DP Engineering

Latest Offer For The 206 Bestari: Naza Credit Lease

Nasim has recently launch a very attractive and interesting new offer for the 206 Bestari. This new offer would really make the car affordable to a lot of people, at the same time, letting more people to able to enjoy and own a new continental car, the prestige, class and priviledge.

So, what's the deal/offer about?

Loan Tenure: 0% Interest Up To 12 Years (under Naza Credit Lease (NCL)).
Downpayment: 0% or RM0

What you need?
Booking Fee: RM100 (NON REFUNDABLE)

What's the price? Interesting...
206 Bestari (Automatic Tansmission With Tiptronic System Porshe): RM61,200 ONLY
Monthly: RM425

206 Bestari (Manual Transmission): RM56,160 ONLY
Monthly: RM390

What can I say?
OH MY GOSH!!! Maybe I can get myself another 206? >.<

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Kheng Soon SC

KS Service Center sdn. bhd
134-C, Jalan Dua, Off Jalan Chan Sow Lin
55200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-9223 9612 / 03-9223 5228 (Yazid - Service Advisor)

Front Enterance

Front Desk

Customer waiting area

Service area

Information On The AL4 Gearbox

This gearbox first appeared in Peugeot 306 and 406 models, and Citroën's Xantia and Xsara at the same time. It's mated to four cylinder engines, and is typically identified by a "wriggly" pattern for the shift lever. Installation carried over to the Citroën C5, Peugeot 206 and 307. It's also fitted in slightly different form to other marques including Fiat.

The earlier auto box is quite different, and is characterised by a straight slot for the shift lever to slide along. This commentary doesn't really apply to that unit, aside from generalities.

One point frequently raised with the AL4 is poor reliability. What I'm trying to do here, is address both rumours and facts. It's not actually a technical "how to" but may serve as a guide for prolonging enjoyment of a car.

  • Installation: Make sure that perceived transmission faults are not in fact other deficiencies, such as irregularities in the engine operation or failing motor mounts. This latter detail is coming to a head as vehicles age, especially given the original softness of their mount rubber. Also make sure the vehicle cooling system is healthy - free of scale and bled of air pockets.
  • Fluid Level: There being no dipstick, the level is checked via the overflow plug with motor running and transmission in Park, at operating temperature. It's quite well covered elsewhere on the 'net. Checking it with engine off, may result in oil running out of the overflow as the internal fluid pump is not keeping a volume of fluid in circulation. Low fluid level may result in a fault being indicated as the internal pump picks up a little air now and then - dropping internal fluid pressures.
  • Transmission Cooling: There is no external cooling for the gearbox oil. It circulates from the internal pump, through a heat exchanger that looks like a beefed up cigarette packet on the back of the gearbox (near the left front wheel). This heat exchanger is plumbed into the car's cooling system with hoses of about 16mm internal diameter. Three different heat exchangers have been used. The smallest was fitted only to gearboxes with the 1.6 litre petrol engines, while the largest came on turbo diesels. Rebuilders here only use the larger two sizes, and a rebuilt trans will typically have a new heat exchanger fitted for best efficiency. It's my personal opinion that auto transmissions in mainland Australia cannot be overcooled.
  • Adaptive Behaviour: The gearbox is rumoured to understand intimately your moods, intentions, know the road ahead and generally behave as experienced valet to your French magic carpet. Truth is somewhat less stunning. It simply looks at how you are driving it and attempts to help based on past "learning" events. One comment made by a transmission rebuilder, is that it responds well to an assertive driving style. In other words - let the gearbox know your intentions clearly. Accelerate smartly and it will kick down; feather the throttle off as you approach cruising speed and it will soon upshift. Brake firmly and it will downshift.
  • Alternative Modes: Most come with a three way switch panel allowing choice of Sport, Snow or low gear operation. For all intents and purposes, I have not noticed any benefits in the "Sport" setting - other than pulling hard out of an intersection into fast-moving traffic, and am yet to experience either snow or a need for creeping along in first gear. Don't drive with the car in "1" mode unless you have a clear understanding of when this is to be used (refer owner's manual).
  • Fault Lights: Infamously, when the two dash symbols for Snow and Sport flash (a little asterisk, and a stylised "S") there is an internal fault being recognised. This fault may be transient or somewhat more long term. The transmission has its own ECU; it does not have shifts controlled by the engine ECU. The default or limp home mode puts the trans into second gear without much subtlety in shifting.
  • Internal Components: The basic guts of an auto haven't changed much for years. The big differences are working tolerances, and how shifts are actuated (electronically, rather than purely hydro-mechanical). Often referred to in AL4 tales of woe, are "the solenoids". There are in fact a good deal of solenoids or electrovalves in the transmission, but the two problem ones are atop the valve body ("hydraulic block" in Franglais) - this is all behind the black pressed metal cover on the transmission front.

    Some years ago, the top two solenoids were recognised as a weakness, and revised. These are driven by a pulsed current to avoid permanently magnetising or overheating. Old solenoids were pulsed at 50 Hz, while the newer type are pulsed at 100Hz. Solenoid failure here, causes the default into "limp home" mode. When these are changed, the transmission ECU is supposed to be updated with a computer download. The update can be done without changing solenoids - old ones will operate on a 100Hz pulse, but newer units won't function satisfactorily on 50Hz.
  • Fluid Condition: Remembering that trans fluid has to do its job in a wide range of categories - cooling, cleaning and lubricating - it's a big ask. Over time the fluid will age and effectiveness is blunted. The transmission ECU includes a "oil wear counter" that adds in appropriate details based on operating temperature, fault events and accrued hours. When the counter is full (rather like putting coins in a jar) the unit needs a service and the wear counter resetting. A simple fluid drain/top up as mentioned earlier is calculated to allow a partial reset of the wear counter, by subtracting 2750 (presently this is a non-verified number) wear units per half litre of oil. Internet sources put the wear counter total at 32768 units.
  • Rebuilding: At present, rebuilt transmission in Australia, are only supplied by A&B Automatic Transmissions in Victoria. Due to arrangements in place with PSA, they will only supply the units to accredited dealers. Rebuilt tansmissions come with fluid (Esso) already filled to correct volume. I am not certain if the original ECU is changed over to the rebuilt transmission but consider it likely.
  • Perspective: The AL4 probably deserved its poor reputation at the outset - however, like bias against other aspects of the European makers this has lingered beyond fairness. Matters may have been aggavated by lack of customer liaison here; there perhaps could have been superior handling of drivetrain issues arising when cars were still under warranty, in some instances. It's a fine line between admitting fault and trying to improve customer confidence.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

AL4 Gearbox (Water in Gearbox)

206 AL4 Automatic Transmission Gearbox

It is said that you should becareful when driving over flood or pool of water, esepcially with a automatic transmission Peugeot. 
There is a known risk of water getting into the gearbox (altough not 100% proven, it usually happens due to this reason). As to why and how the water can get into the gearbox, nobody knows the "real" reasons, most people suspect what they called the "breather hole" (which they claimed it's for the gearbox to breathe, letting hot air out?).

However, according to the technical documentation of the AL4 Gearbox, there is not such thing as "breather hole/hose"; I think what they're reffering to is the "Filler Plug", which is use to fill the ATF. But, this "Filler Plug"  should be sealed tight,  so we have no idea of the "real" reason as to why and how the water can get into the gearbox; Currently all are just speculactions or assumptions or the infamous "hear-say".

The Good News? 
It seems most of the current model had been modified to counter this problems (hopefully):

Current AL4 Gearbox with a cap? to cover the "Filler Plug" (or so called "breather hole") to avoid water from going in (Blue cap?)

Symptoms Of Possibility Of Water In The Gearbox:
  • Gear slippage in the morning (start the engine and straight away put on D mode and move the car, had to be in cold conditions e.g. early morning)
  • While in motion/moving, extreme jerking of the car when changing gear (Abnormal hard jerking).
  • Warning lights is on (Sport & Snow mode light is blinking)

If any of this symptoms happen,  its best to get your car check by the SC,  normally a simple ATF check to trace any water in it will be able to find out if the gearbox was infested by water.

In any case, if you ever encounter the "Sport & Snow Mode Blinking" issuel;  do not take the issue lightly. There must be some reason which triggers the warning. This warning could be trigger by various reasons, mainly the ATF over heat or not in good condition (e.g. dirty, water?, etc);
Do not take it lightly,  get it check immediately;  And do not pressure the gearbox before the issue is fix (e.g. Do not REV too high or constant high rev, do not stress your gearbox; Do not drive over 100km/h).
If the service centre ignores the problem due to diagnosis shows no fault, insist them to check properly, cause if it's ATF condition, it's hard to diagnose as it is not yet permanent, it could be some part of the ATF is dirty or having problem, and when the sensors detect it,  it flashes the warning. But when you send to the service centre, there warning might not be there again until the sensors detect it again.

Another personal advice I would give is, change your ATF if the diagnosis cannot detect it and the service centre cannot do anything.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Volcare SC

KL Volcare Service Centre Sdn Bhd,
No72 Jalan Embun
Jln Ulu Kelang
68000 Selangor
Tel: 03-4256 5827, 03-4252 4436, 03-4252 4435
Fax: 03-4252 4435
Mobile: 019-333 1478

Located along the MRR2 by the Ampang/Ulu Kelang, Volcare is formally a Volvo service center being appointed as Authorise Peugeot service center for about 2 years.

Altho the workshop is not well equip as the Blue Box Glenmarie SC or Kheng Soon SC i found out that the mechanic here is very friendly and helpful.

I went there today with 2 things to sort out. First the suspected leaking from the driveshaft and sound on sterring wheel when turning while moving slowly.

First get my info registered at the office and within minutes i was served by a chinese mechanic.. he took me for a spin to find out the sound, after 20mins still cant heard it we head back to the workshop and get the car jack up and check the bottom of it and found out the grease on the driveshaft is actually an undercoat been trigger happy spray all over it.

After that another mechanic (head techician/boss) came to test drive the car again with me... we took a longer route and takes turn to drive it to find out the sound... but after 30+mins of driving the sound still didnt came out we decided to head back again.. and back at the workshop the car was being jack up again and this time the (Boss) told the younger mechanic to check and tighten all screws/nuts and told me to come back again when the noise is getting louder and very easy noticeable.

Overall i am satisfied with thier services, altho the sound havent been fix but they did try hard to find it and spent alot of times on my car.

Volcare is using Total engine oil.
You can bring your own oil but it will be written on the worksheet, meaning if anything happen to your engine they wont be responsiblity for it and Naza will void it.

Inside the workshop there is also another 206 being fix... well atleast the know what the cause, but still waiting for the owner to give the sign to go ahead, as it is not covered by the warranty, the owner had to pay from his own wallet.

The car is 1 1/2 yrs old with 50,000++ km

Seems like Naza said it is not covered by warranty and considered as wear and tear

Saturday, November 1, 2008

5 Years Warranty and 3 Years Free Service package.

For those who had bought the 206 under the 5 years warranty and 3 years free service offer, ( somewhere around May-Sept./Oct. 2008, please check with your SA). You will received an additional Free Service Vouchers Booklet apart from your User manual and Warranty/Service Booklet.

The Warranty & Service Booklet

The Free Service Vouchers booklets will entitle you 6 times free services or for 3 years on your 206 which is including parts & labour.

The Free Service Vouchers Booklet

Inside the Vouchers Booklet inc:
  1. Free First Inspection at 2500km or 3 months voucher. (this is very important to validate your car warranty)
  2. 2nd Free Service Voucher at 20,000km or 12 months ( 1 years)
  3. 3rd Free Inspection Voucher at 30,000km or 18 months
  4. 4th Free Service Voucher at 40,000km or 24 months (2 years)
  5. 5th Free Inspection Voucher at 50,000km or 30 months
  6. 6th Free Service Voucher at 60,000km or 36 months (3 years)

Free Service voucher at 20,000km or 12 mth

Free Service voucher at 50,000km or 30 mth

Free Service voucher at 60,000km or 36 mth ( the last voucher of the booklet)

Also you might notice that inside your Warranty & Service Booklet the expired date of the warranty is written 3 years after the car first registered. That is because the additional 2 years warranty (of the supposely 5 years warranty) papers (or whatever black and white) will be send to you by Naza itself in couples of months. Well atleast this is what was told by my SA, its seems like Peugeot only cover the original 3 years of the 206 and Naza will cover the rest of the 2 years warranty.

Anyway, just to make sure please again refer to your own SA to get the confirmation about the rest of the 2 years warranty which is not written in the Warranty & Service Booklet.

Sum- If you are under the 5 years warranty and 3 years Free service package/offer you should check if you had the
  1. User manual
  2. Warranty & Service Booklet (Check if the warranty is cover till 3 years or 5 years, if 3 years only the go to step 4)
  3. Free Service Vouchers Booklet ( with 6 vouchers in it)
  4. Check with your SA the additional 2 years warranty of the 5 years