Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Peugeot 206 1.4 8v Twin Turbo Supercharger Project

Car: Peugeot 206 1.1 8v
Engine: 1360 cc 8v (TU3)
2 x KKK K03
Eaton M45

VEMS 3.3
Custom equal length exhaust manifold, custom intake manifold,

Flywheel power @ 240 kPa;
175 hp @ 6060 rpm
224 nm @ 5339 rpm


The plan is to stay, initially, with a stock 1360 cc bottom end but to have an engine setup that has the potential to go far beyond the limits of the oem internals, yet retains drivability. Adding a roots type supercharger to create a compound setup does just that. The supercharger virtually increases the engines capacity giving the small 1360 cc unit the feel and advantages of a larger one. It also creates the ability to run high pressure ratios while keeping the chargers operating efficiently.

Getting started
After the selection of turbochargers and supercharger was done a quick assessment of the available space indicated ample room ... A closer look with the components in hand made us second guess that assumption... yes, it was going to be a tight fit.

Fabricating the exhaust manifold
The limited engine bay space allowed little options for placement of the turbochargers, and, since we prefered the turbochargers to be clearly visible when opening the hood the exhaust manifold style had to in a 'top mount' fashion. Downside of a top mount manifold is less room for the routing of other vital components so creating an equal length turbo manifold with the runners paired to suite the firing order and still allowed clearance for oil lines and charge pipes was quite a challenge.

A test fit of the two KKK K03 turbochargers togehter with the downpipe. Yes it is still possible to take the oil filter off without the need to remove the entire exhaust manifold ;).

Both turbochargers have an internal wastegate to regulate the amount of exhaust gas energy used for turbine wheel propulsion.

Mounting the supercharger
Supercharger of use is an Eaton M45, same model as used on the Mini Cooper. We wanted to keep the stock crankshaft pully so a new diameter pully for the supercharger had to be made to suite the setup goal.

The intake manifold was constructed from sheet aluminum plates and tubing. Since the charger exit was located very close to the entry ports of the head it left us little room for an exotic manifold design.

In this picture you can also see the mockup of the drive belt system, key in proper operation is supercharger mounting and pully alignment.

Charge pipe and intercooler fabrication
Construction of the charge piping was prett straight forward, although two airfilters were placed, enough room was left to keep the battery in the engine compartment.

From another point of view.

The only proper way to control fuel injection, ignition timing and all other engine facets to an extend that you have complete operational control is with a standalone programmable management system, Vems v3.3 is our weapon of choice.

The stock ecu and associated wiring is ditched to be replaced with a custom wiring loom, tailor-made to suite this setup.

Finished engine.

The new coolant tank is located in the stock ecu position, the supercharger prevented it to be mounted in it's original location.

Finished engine from another point of view.

Quite a bit of polishing had to be done, luckily it is one of our favourite pastimes...

In stock form the engine produces a maximum of 75 hp @ 5500 rpm and a maximum torque figure of 120 nm @ 2800 rpm. As you can see right at the start of our measuring point torque is above the maximum torque the engine develops in stock form. The gradual torque rise make this a very pleasant vehicle to drive.

Source DP Engineering


Kilikulu said...

This is cool man.

Kinki said...

i wander how much will it cost to do all that..
recommended RIM size is?

BikerVoodoo said...

Twin turbo AND supercharger? This is insane! :)

-_- said...

i am really wondering how much does it cost to do it. >.<. tempting!

BikerVoodoo said...

So what's the power/torque output for this engine now? Can it last? Can the stock auto trans take it?


Евгений Гончаров said...

Why not say about dorobotki piston rods and crankshaft and cylinder head of cylinders?

Joshi Verhelst said...

I'm doing Te same with my 1.4

asdfasfasf said...

not to be a hater, but what is the point of all that? a single turbo wouldnt be able to do the same job?

johanna motherway said...

hy lads where can i get a supercharger kit for my 206
need it badly