Wednesday, February 16, 2011

DKTuning - Remap for your 206!

A very good news to all 206 owners. DKTuning contacted me and offered his service for 206 remap together with all informations and special price for 206. DKTuning is well known for its skills in remap, where the owner/tuner, Mr. Dylan has done a great remap job for a Peugeot 407 owner, alfa2 from Autoworld forum. For those who have followed the forum, alfa2's 407 has been remap by several tuners and turn out to be a disappointment until he met Dylan, which not only done a great job, he also shares many technical information and continuously improves the map.

Not long ago, DKTuning worked on the 308 THP and because it's a turbo-charged engine, thus there's more gain from remapping. For N/A engine, not to worry as Dylan has shared some information on how he will be tuning for the 206 to take advantage of the fuel used, as well as, tuning based on customer's requirement. Plus, the 407's engine is also a N/A engine and due to the normal 206 engine capacity is only 1.6L and below, the price will be budgeted for 1.6L and below category, but the amount of work, time required, etc is still the same regardless.

Now, let's get to the main point:
For the 206, Dylan will be optimizing the car to the best possible and localise it for our Malaysian Fuel (RON95/RON97) and also the weather. Dyno will also be carried out and on road time testing to see how much improvements can be done for the particular car to give others the confidence.
Unlike those standard remap, this remap will be unique for each car as Dylan will be adjusting the map for each car and driver; He will also gather feedback from the driver and check with the driver on the car's behavior to improve the map as well as for the particular car/driver.

Peugeot 206 1.4L/1.6L (A/T or M/T) Remap price (estimated):
1 car: RM2,000
2 cars: RM1,800
5 cars: RM1,700
(ECU Remapping | Chiptuning | Diagnostic)
Tel: +6012 4111899
Fax: +604 6562899

Facebook Page:

As above, the price is depended on the volume; If there is more volume, the price can be negotiated. So, my advice would be to gather as many 206 as possible first, as what is done by the 308 owners previously.
UPDATE (17th February 2011): For group remap, Dylan would prefer a single location for all cars, saving time and more fun.

Dylan would preferably hope to have one car from Penang/Northern region so it's convenient for him to try out new maps as he continuously improves the map. For those in other locations, not to worry as from my information, he can travel to your location.

The sweet-sweet DEAL:
1st remap car will get VERY SPECIAL PRICE and Dylan will also be covering the cost of the dyno. He would also appreciate the 1st car to be convenient for him for extended testing to develop the optimum map.
So, if you're from Penang, quickly contact Dylan for this VERY SPECIAL PRICE.
We would hope you would share your stories with us as well!

Some additional information shared by Dylan from DKTuning:
Modern cars have multiple mappings in the ECU. It will autoswitch depending on what type of fuel you use on your car. We have a unique tuning pattern for remapping N/A cars. If you use higher RON fuel, your power will increase by a few hp, be it stock or remapped car. After our remap, the drop of power between RON97 and 95 will be quite insignificant, making the usage of RON95 (cheaper cost) possible even for those who does not want a sacrifice of power. For example, in original mapping, the drop of HP between RON97 is 10hp. After our remap, the difference probably is 2hp.

GOOD NEWS for KL/Klang Valley 206 owners:
DKTuning will be in KL/PJ from 17th-22nd February 2011. For those interested or want to get more information or maybe have a look at Dylan at work, do contact him!

UPDATE (17th February 2011):
Some additional information from Dylan; Result of the remap, the gain would range between 5 - 12%, depending on car and at what RPM we are looking at. The era of those piggyback tuners kept emphasizing on peak HP and torque is not going to be popular anymore, as Dylan is working really hard educating people those figures are NOT important at all. We don't drive above 5000rpm most of the time, the remap will optimize mostly on the low and mid end with huge gain, improving DRIVABILITY.

For some figures, you can check out the RESULT page for Dyno charts on some cars available:
NOTE: The 407 with EW10A N/A Engine seems to have impressive gain, plus you can see K&N Filter with proven Dyno results. While some engine(s) may not have impressive figure, such as the BMW 318i and the Mitsubishi Lancer GT whereby the dynocharts for these cars aren't that impressive; the gain on top end is nothing to shout about, but take a look at the low to mid rpm range, especially the Lancer GT; This improves the overall DRIVABILITY, which can be felt and experienced by the driver. This is what really important and utilize by most drivers (if not all).