Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Special Offer By NZ Galaxy: Headrest For Peugeot 206

Got information that NZ Galaxy is offering special price for the headrest set (3 piece) with the condition of purchasing minimum 4 or 5 sets.

Normal Price Per Set: RM354
Special Price Per Set: RM300 (Save RM54) - Condition: Minimum 4 or 5 sets

So, any 206 owners planning to get the headrest can organize and purchase together to get the special offer price.

You may join our forum here to gather the members, then organize a date and time for the purchase:
(P/S: You need to be an autoworld member and also invited members of My206Club forum.)

Monday, July 27, 2009

My206Club: Rally X Event

Sunday, 26th July 2009, one of our member joined the Rally X event organized by Motorsports Association of Malaysia (MAM) with Sepang Internation Circuit and Wheelspin Event Management.

There're many categories available, even for Street cars, 4X4 vehicles, and event sub categories for kids.

For more information, you can visit this page:

The Morning Rendezvous @ Dengkil R&R:
It was raining that morning, it'll be bad or dangerous for the Rally I thought, even for us who drive there. But as I was reaching Dengkil R&R, the rain stopped. Mmm... Good. I was quite early, at least more than 10 minutes early but as I was trying to park my car, to my surprise, a BLUE lion was behind me.... Hmmmm... since when did this BLUE lion been following behind me?.... (That was tnash) Not long after, UncleD arrives but he park quite far away with many other cars, we "wave" at him but seems he didn't notice us from afar. So, we used Graham Bell's improvised invention to make contact so that he could come over and join us.

As we were chatting while waiting, tnash asked if there's any others coming, and suddenly his sharp eye spotted a 206 from afar the highway, wondering if it was a member. When I saw it, it was driving pass the R&R, it did not come drive up, plus there's stickers/decals on the car? Where is it going? Could it be a participant of the Rally X event? But shouldn't they be there much earlier? It turned out it was really our Rally X Hero which we got to know later.

The Drive To Sepang F1 Circuit:
Funny part... None of us have been to Sepang F1 Circuit or know how to go... Whoops, so... it's all you, Mr. "GPS".
Anyway, the drive there was OK, it was when we were there things got messy as I'm leading and I have very poor sense of direction as well as leading, poor those 2 behind following me. I overshot, have to make U-Turn, then turned too early before the entrance. When reach there, paid RM5 parking which is not required; Should've called Brandon first before I enter. My bad...

Rally X Event:
This part, I'll leave it to the picture and videos.

By the way, there's a bunch of jokers who doesn't seem to know what is a Peugeot 206 and doesn't seem to know much about Rally or cornering? First, they were shock how come the car is so quite (no prang prang sound like those heavily modded exhaust), seems they don't know there is street car or stock category?
Ok forget that, as they're discussed what car was it, one of the auntie said, it's a girl car, and everyone starts to agree and someone conclude that the driver is a girl?
Later I even heard them talk about the car again, saying how come this car joins the Rally? Saying the car was not suitable for Rally, maybe is for Track? Wooot? Seems they don't know anything about Rally? Never heard before Peugeot 206 WRC? I guess not...
Later they also make fun of the Mini Cooper with Mr. Bean, seems they didn't know about short wheel base advantage in Rally eh?
Honestly speaking, altough the 206 is slow (plus on D - Auto), but actually, many of those heavily modded cars aren't that fast either (except on straight of course), they understeer too much and corners badly; What they have is good pickup and speed on straights.

The legendary Megat206 arrives some time after our Rally Hero's race. Seems he got the itch to try it out but he already fitted new bumpers, skirtings and new paint. Then again, I don't think they allow non-participants or last minute participants to go in anyway?

More Pictures:

Getting Ready For The Race

At The Starting Line...


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Who said TT was boring?

Mini TT @ Ampang Water Front, Old Town 26/07 9pm.

Recently one of our lion member had been 'trick' into buying a Latio Sport.. ( well not really la) but nevermind that, being good and helpful lion members we tried to sort things out nicely for him.. haha

Lets check out the car

hmm Latio....

And here you are the Latio Sport fresh from the oven, and well we got some crazy, funny ideas coming thru...


after... ( and it does fit nicely.. anyone got a cutter?)

Ok this doesnt require cutting, The Peugeot-Nissan haha

Small lion sitting nicely on top

Engine bay also need to convert.

Well the TT last till almost 3am.. and what we were doin?... check this out.....

The 308 Bestari

and 206 Myvi haha

So next time if you are free and wanted some fun or just to be funny.. do join us on our next TT! :)

Friday, July 24, 2009


Update : Expired
Good news guys, as to those who are interested in making their car more rigid with better handling, comfort and quieter ride, My206Club member's will be given a special discounted rate by AutoFoam.

For more information about the how to get the this limited offer please email to my206club@gmail.com

How Can AutoFoam Improve My Ride & Handling?

Read More
AF when injected into the chassis will expand & fill up the cars hollow structures. AF with its specific densities will then ...

A) Strenghten & Stiffen the cars structure and improve Torsional rigidity.
This will then drastically reduce chassis twist & flex. A stronger chassis will also transfer more energy away from the cars body.
Thus you will enjoy...

~ Tighter & Tauter Ride.
~ Sharper & more Agile Handling.
~ Reduce Body Roll & Hop.
~ Improved Steering Response.

B) Seals off hollow sections, NVH ( Noise, Vibration, Harshness ) is blocked out & absorbed.

~ Absorbs road Vibrations & Harshness for a drastically improved Ride.
~ Blocks out Noise, Dust & Moisture.
~ Absorbs Structure Borne vibrations & noise for a luxury comfort.
~ Helps reduce Body, Drivetrain Creaks & Groans.

What a Rigid Chassis does for You?

The cars chassis, or the skeleton of the car, is often an overlooked area when it comes to enhancing one’s ride. However it is something that can be easily felt, experienced & contributes significantly to a cars overall driving behavior & characteristics.

Today's cars utilizes a Monocoque design that shapes the vehicle. A Monocoque chassis is made by spot welding several pieces of stamped components together to the pressed Floor-Pan.

The rule of thumb is the more rigid the chassis, the more Superior the Handling characteristics, better Ride Composure and a Safer car.

A stiffer chassis, in term of torsional as well as traverse & lateral rigidity allows the suspension to react quickly in any given situation as well as allow the suspension to work as the designers intended, providing the driver with better vehicle control & safety. This also translates to a much improve steering, cornering and handling characteristics & high speed stability.

The stiffer chassis will have a higher natural frequency thus making energy imparted to it by bumps less likely to excite the body's structure. As such, a stiffer non-flexing chassis transfers more force on to the suspension where it can be dissipated by the Springs & Shocks instead of transferring the force to the occupants. Benefits are a more comfortable, composed & quieter ride.

For more information about this product please go to AutoFoam

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Safety & Defensive Driving Course

On 18th July 2008 (Saturday), we joined the Safety & Defensive Driving Course organized by Autoworld. It was a good and fun session. Below are some information and story if you like to "read".

You can read the Autoworld write up here:

Our Rally-X Hero In Action

Theory Session:
Basically, this session is more on awareness, usual mistakes or problems (especially with Malaysian drivers). It's an informative and good session, though, I believe many would agree that more time should be spend on the practical session.

We're also taught about push-pull steering and it's benefit compared to hand-over-hand (which most of us usually do; our hands will cross the steering). One main reason is the for cars equipped with Air Bags, if it were to deploy, the impact is enough to break our arm and consequently smash onto our face.

For those who doesn't like to wear seat belts were also explain of the possibility why, such as, uncomfortable. This is all mainly due to wrong seating position and adjusting the seat belt wrongly. The seat belt should be adjust so it's rest on the shoulder and the waist.

Practical Session:

1. Basic Check On Cars

2. Slalom Test
I can't really recall the actual purpose of this session. Basically, we're taught the correct seating position, and push-pull steering demonstration. We were shown some demonstration by the trainers, although it might look "not really fast" but in fact it's not as easy as it looks, if you look closely at the driver, you'll see he/she will be very busy steering the car. Later we also sat in one of the cars and experience it while being explain how we should do it via push-pull steering technique.

Another catch to this slalom test is, you should maintain your speed throughout the slalom; which means, if you enter at speed of 30km/h, you should maintain your rev and slalom through the course at 30km/h till the end.
It's not easy, you'll see most of the participants doesn't maintain the speed.

3. Understeer
This session we get to experience understeer (wheels locked) session, where to overcome such situation for cars without ABS, we need to do cadence braking (that is to pump the brakes) to allow the car to steer. For session onwards, most of the participants used the 5 Honda sponsored cars, with only the Honda City's ABS turned off.

4. Oversteer
This is the most fun session I must say! As we enter the area, we need to turn the steering to the left and the trainer will pull the handbrake causing the car to oversteer. At this point, we need to countersteer quickly. To overcome the oversteer, we need to ease-off (not sudden let go) and absolutely NO Braking! (Braking will make the car spin out) steer to the direction we want to go. Failure will cause too much oversteer or spin out. We can also play a little bit with the throttle to "straigthen" the car back to where we want to go.

This session can be very dangerous and it's strongly adviced to have a trainer with you in the car. Each participants get about 3 chances, which I personally find it not enough because I think most of us still panic and revert to 'AUTOPILOT' instinct. We haven't get used to the feeling of oversteer, stay clam and steer or do the 'right' thing.

My first time was shocking to me when it oversteer, I got panic and applied some brakes; The trainer immediately notice and 'scolded me' (hehe), "Why did you press brake???"
Oooops, luckily it didn't spin and still able to "pass", hehe
The 2nd round, I think a little too much oversteer and come to a halt, sort of, but still able to "pass" through the gate (I think). The trainer also notice my mistake and tell me to countersteer earlier.
The 3rd round, I feel quite messy too cause there's many left and right and I use the throttle to straighten the car. Heard the walkie-takie someone say something like "Nice one", but the trainer replied "He already step on the gas". Ooopps? =P
This trainer is very observant and good I would say, he's able to observe what I've done clearly and also to correct mistakes/technique/problems =)

There's a special challenge organize for us, a short mini autokhana session with the Honda Jazz. I was the first one, oh dang. I think most of us loose the time at the reverse parking session; For those more aggressive and take the risk, score a good time. The first being blackdolphin, I think around 26seconds++, which his time was unbeaten for some time, until another Honda driver score around 25 seconds++. Some aggressive one scored good time too but they either touch/hit a cone or two. Each cone give 5 seconds penalty.

Pictures Pictures:

Pictures From Andre (diablo):

Red Bulls Drinks Sponsor:

Red Bull Rookies:


By Andy214:

By Eugene:

Friday, July 17, 2009

PRORS High Performance Brake Hose

PRORS High Performance Brake Hose

PRO-RS Stainless steel-braided PTFE hose is manufactured by world's leading Aerospace hose manufacturer in the U.S.

- Improve braking responds and Stopping power.
- Eliminates brake fade under heavy braking.
- Firmer and better pedal feel, less spongy than original hose.
- Abrasion and Corrosion Resistant.
- Great as replacement for Old and Wear-out original rubber brake hoses which deteriorate after some time !!
- Increases safety.
- Great for performance, touge and track driving

Price : Please contact

For more info please email to my206club@gmail.com

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Performance Parts


Torsion Bar
PEUGEOT 206 22.5mm torsion bar
Made of SAE9245 quality torsional spring steel

Lightweight aluminum C-pillar strut brace
Prcise fish-scale soldering
Only 20mm drilled hole neede for c-pillar plastic
For all PEUGEOT 206 models

PEUGEOT CITROEN AL4 gearbox cooler
Aluminum adapter with oil sensor hole preserved
Aeroquip high pressure oil hose Model FC332 AQP
Heat resistance 150 degree (Celsius)
Pressure resistance 250psi=17bar
W/ Hose inner diameter 9.7mm, length 240cm

Reinforced lightweight pulleys
7075-T6 alumium made, hardness HR B80 above
High accurate CNC lathe produced
Smooth groove prevents damage to the belt

Adjustable top sus bearing mount
Using Japanese NMB bearing
Camber adjustable +/- 2.5 degree
Compatible to major brand hi low kit suspension
For all PEUGEOT 206 models

PU bottom engine mount
Brand-new PU material
Hardness 70 degree
Non-break, everlasting and comfortable driving

PU embedded bottom engine mount
Brand-new PU material
Reinforce genuine engine mount lifetime
Giving ideal and comfort drive
Reducing power output losing while shifting

Short Shifter
Shorten approximately 30% shifting distance
Easy install without further modification of car
W/O Shift knob
For all PEUGEOT 206 manual car

CNC machine made 4-2-1 manifold exhauster
Pipe diameter consist: 38mm/43mm/50mm
Pipe thickness: 2mm
Made of SUS304 Stainless steel
W/ High quality durable anti-leaking gasket
W/ Davit soldered for fixing on transmission
Direct install, no further modification of car
O2 Sensor been treated no lighting guaranteed
More coming soon with Pricing.
For more info please email to my206club@gmail.com