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My206Club: Rally X Event

Sunday, 26th July 2009, one of our member joined the Rally X event organized by Motorsports Association of Malaysia (MAM) with Sepang Internation Circuit and Wheelspin Event Management.

There're many categories available, even for Street cars, 4X4 vehicles, and event sub categories for kids.

For more information, you can visit this page:

The Morning Rendezvous @ Dengkil R&R:
It was raining that morning, it'll be bad or dangerous for the Rally I thought, even for us who drive there. But as I was reaching Dengkil R&R, the rain stopped. Mmm... Good. I was quite early, at least more than 10 minutes early but as I was trying to park my car, to my surprise, a BLUE lion was behind me.... Hmmmm... since when did this BLUE lion been following behind me?.... (That was tnash) Not long after, UncleD arrives but he park quite far away with many other cars, we "wave" at him but seems he didn't notice us from afar. So, we used Graham Bell's improvised invention to make contact so that he could come over and join us.

As we were chatting while waiting, tnash asked if there's any others coming, and suddenly his sharp eye spotted a 206 from afar the highway, wondering if it was a member. When I saw it, it was driving pass the R&R, it did not come drive up, plus there's stickers/decals on the car? Where is it going? Could it be a participant of the Rally X event? But shouldn't they be there much earlier? It turned out it was really our Rally X Hero which we got to know later.

The Drive To Sepang F1 Circuit:
Funny part... None of us have been to Sepang F1 Circuit or know how to go... Whoops, so... it's all you, Mr. "GPS".
Anyway, the drive there was OK, it was when we were there things got messy as I'm leading and I have very poor sense of direction as well as leading, poor those 2 behind following me. I overshot, have to make U-Turn, then turned too early before the entrance. When reach there, paid RM5 parking which is not required; Should've called Brandon first before I enter. My bad...

Rally X Event:
This part, I'll leave it to the picture and videos.

By the way, there's a bunch of jokers who doesn't seem to know what is a Peugeot 206 and doesn't seem to know much about Rally or cornering? First, they were shock how come the car is so quite (no prang prang sound like those heavily modded exhaust), seems they don't know there is street car or stock category?
Ok forget that, as they're discussed what car was it, one of the auntie said, it's a girl car, and everyone starts to agree and someone conclude that the driver is a girl?
Later I even heard them talk about the car again, saying how come this car joins the Rally? Saying the car was not suitable for Rally, maybe is for Track? Wooot? Seems they don't know anything about Rally? Never heard before Peugeot 206 WRC? I guess not...
Later they also make fun of the Mini Cooper with Mr. Bean, seems they didn't know about short wheel base advantage in Rally eh?
Honestly speaking, altough the 206 is slow (plus on D - Auto), but actually, many of those heavily modded cars aren't that fast either (except on straight of course), they understeer too much and corners badly; What they have is good pickup and speed on straights.

The legendary Megat206 arrives some time after our Rally Hero's race. Seems he got the itch to try it out but he already fitted new bumpers, skirtings and new paint. Then again, I don't think they allow non-participants or last minute participants to go in anyway?

More Pictures:

Getting Ready For The Race

At The Starting Line...


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