Monday, December 29, 2008

Understanding ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System)

Have you ever encounter a situation where:
1. You met an "emergency" situation
2. You slammed the brakes and turn your steering to avoid the obstacle(s) ahead.
3. BUT... your car just won't turn! It's still going straight even tough you have turned your steering.
(From the outside, you will see your wheels actually already turned, but why does it still going straight?)

So, why does your car never response to your steering input? You already turn your steering and the wheels already turn, logically, it should turn, but why doesn't it turn and still going straight?
This is because your wheels are locked.

Some definition found about wheels lock:
"When wheels lock, they no longer have traction with the road and in turn cannot steer/stop a car efficiently."
"When wheels lock, the vehicle can no longer react to the driver's steering because the lock wheels can no longer convey the optimum braking power and necessary turning force to the street."

This is where ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) comes in; It is actually a SAFETY FEATURE meant to help preventing situations like the above, wheels locking and allows you to maintain steering (remains steerable, stable, while fully applying the brakes)
Do not mistaken or neglect this FEATURE as some fancy feature to show off; It is a SAFETY FEATURE meant to help prevent or minimize the problems resulted from wheels locking and also drivers in panic situations especially situations where human reflex conquers all (yes, even profesional drivers (racers, rally drivers) makes mistakes or looses their conscious/control, there's nothing to be shy about).

Explanation of ABS:
Without being too technical, ABS is basically a system of a computer and sensors monitoring the speed of each wheel. When you press down on the pedal, the system kicks in and it takes over how each wheel should slow down to prevent unnecessary skids. 
In short, ABS prevents wheel(s) locking when applying full brakes and promotes Steerability and Stability with the shortest possible braking distance.

The feeling when ABS kicks in:
When you slammed the brake and the ABS kicks in, you will feel occasional pulsing of the brake pedal; Do NOT panic or be afraid especially if you are not used to vehicles with ABS, just brake firmly and allow it to do its job.
If you're going pretty fast and brakes firmly on the straights, you might actually feel/experience your car "straightens" itself during the course of ABS function; Hence, you can guess what will happen if your car is without the ABS.

How to apply the brakes in a vehicle with ABS:
Should I pump the brake pedal when stopping in slippery conditions?
You absolutely should not pump the brake pedal in a car with ABS. Pumping the brakes is a technique that is sometimes used in slippery conditions to allow the wheels to unlock so that the vehicle stays somewhat straight during a stop. In a car with ABS the wheels should never lock in the first place, so pumping the brakes will just make you take longer to stop.
In an emergency stop in a car with ABS, you should apply the brake pedal firmly and hold it while the ABS does all the work. You will feel a pulsing in the pedal that may be quite violent, but this is normal so don't let off the brake.

Advantages or Key Features of ABS:
1. Prevents wheel(s) locking.
2. Shorten braking distance.
3. Ensures the vehicles remains steerable and stable.

Something you should know too:
However, this isn’t a foolproof system that would guarantee that skids won’t ever happen. Definitely, you have to consider other factors like the condition and grip of your tires. The road surface will also be a factor. Oil and tar on the blacktop will definitely give you less grip than a paved concrete road. Your speed and direction would also play a factor. The ABS doesn’t necessarily shorten the stopping distance of your car too.

So then, what's so good about it? Well, nothing is perfect. Remember, this is a SAFETY FEATURE designed to HELP prevent situations like wheel(s) locking mentioned above.

So what about those "MANUAL" ABS I heard about?
These are the "technique" when ABS wasn't available or you can call it "simulated" ABS. Have you ever heard about let off the brakes and re-apply again (or pumping the brakes)? If yes, this is the theory/technique; you release the brakes and re-apply to prevent the wheels from locking.

As many people are crazy about Initial D anime, which talks about the main character Takumi with his "manual" ABS; don't be too over-confident or "carried away" with "manual" ABS just because some anime shows off about it.
First of all, it's an anime, secondly, we're driving on the streets not tracks, and finally, we're all humans; we makes mistakes and in panic situation, sometimes, your reflex overwhelms and the "mean time between accident" is just too short for you to react in time. (don't be afraid or shy to admit, even profesionally race car drivers makes mistakes or overhwhelm by such situations)
Also, don't forget ABS works much much faster and efficient than a human, it can monitor the wheels, speed and also apply and release braking pressure up to 20 times in 1 second; It is supposed to be a SAFETY FEATURE to help the driver.
Manual ABS are useful when your car doesn't have ABS, and it often is an important technique for the driver; but don't be mistaken that one can master this technique and think they can prevent all the situations mentioned above.
Don't "play a fool" with your life and others.

Additional Information about "MANUAL" ABS:
Recently, I was told about another definition for "MANUAL" ABS - Aku Brake Sendiri. (It's a Malay word which means "I Brake Myself". Coincidence huh?

What about ESP (Electronic Stability Control) or TCS (Traction Control System) or those "techie" SAFETY FEATURE?
Well, those are more advanced SAFETY FEATURE, which consist of ABS (or includes ABS). It provides further traction control by making use of ABS and few other SAFETY FEATURES.
It can be another topic, so we will not "write" about it here.

To learn more about How ABS Works, check out HowStuffWorks:

To understand more, watch the video (A Video worth a "thousand" pictures):

Some pictures from the video:

Saturday, December 27, 2008

K&N Drop-in filter for sales

We had 3 pieces of K&N drop-in filter for sale. (No need modification, just swap with and replace with the original filter)

1. Used K&N drop-in filter RM50.00 (sold)
2. Used K&N drop-in filter (look's new) RM100.00 (sold)
3. Used K&N drop-in filter (very new, just used it once for testing; changed to K&N Open Pod) RM150.00 (sold)

Please check here again from time to time as once we got some members wanted to sell their used parts we will post it up.

Friday, December 26, 2008

步一步来,把 206 Bestari 的遥控器
A Step-by-Step Guide to Changing/Restoring the Remote Control Cover for 206 Bestari
Contributed by: etetet (Ethan)

这是你新车(Naza 206 Bestari)的主要钥匙。 它是二合为一(遥控器 + 车匙)的钥匙。 遥控器的一面 Naza Logo;另一面有两粒按钮(锁车门 & 开车门)。

This is the main key that comes with your new car, Naza 206 Bestari. It has the remote control built in together with the key itself. It bears the Naza logo on one side (as shown in picture); and 2 buttons (lock & unlock) on the other

There's only one screw on the remote control unit.
Undo the screw and you can now seperate the two sides of the remote control unit.

在以下的图你可以看到遥控器已经被一分为二了。图里左边的是 Emblem Side钥匙是插在这里的。在右边的是 Button Side,是夹着那青色的电板的。
Now the remote control unit is seperated into two. On the left in the picture below is the emblem side (with the key blade attached).
And the button side is on the right hand side (with the PCB attached).

细的看看 Emblem Side 的背面。在其中一个角落,你会发现一小块的黑色晶片这就你车子的晶片了。它储存了你的车子的 Starting Code,没有它在你的钥匙里,你是启动不了你的车子的。不信的话,试一试就知道了,把它撬出来(小心哦!),然��钥匙去 Start 车,看看有没有反应。

Look into the inner side of the emblem side cover and you will see a small black magnet-like chip at its corner.That's the chip which contains the code to start your car. It's something like an immobiliser.Without this chip in (or somewhere near by) your car key, you would not be able to start your engine.With care, remove that chip from your Naza remote control cover.


That's what you see after dissembling your car key.

Here comes the remote control cover with the Lion emblem. Yeah, looks a lot better than the Naza one.

现在,把 Naza Remote Control Cover 先放到一旁。 把之前撬出来的晶片放到新的小狮子 Cover 里面,再把钥匙插到新的 Cover 里。 然后就把两边的 Cover 接起来。你需要大力按一按它们才能把它们接好。

Now, do the reverse of what you have done earlier. Put the key blade back into the slot on the cover with the Lion emblem. Put the immobiliser chip into the slot on the inner side on the cover. And put the two sides of the cover back together. You will need to press them with force to make them fit nicely.

最后,把原有的螺丝锁回去就搞掂啦!!! 哈哈,有小狮子的遥控器好看很多吧!!

Lastly, put the screw back into its place and lock it tight. Voila!!! There you go, a remote control key with the Lion emblem.



Sunday, December 21, 2008

Peugeot 206 "Restoration" project

Peugeot 206 "Restoration" project:

Recently, due to the promotion from Naza with the 0% interest and up 12yrs loan, the 206 is getting more populors amongs malaysian. But because it was badge as Naza there is alot of owners out there that wishes to rebadge it back to Peugeot original logo/emblems.

And to that, recently there is a very high demand of the logo. Here is the list and location of the logo that can be change.

Rebadge/Restore Location

1. Usual/Most Common "Restoration"

1.Front Emblem x1

2.Rear Emblem x1

3. Original Peugeot Wording Emblem x 1

4. 206 letter (more like reposition than replace) / Bestari wording out. x1

2. Additional "Restoration"

1. Rims cap x 4

2. Engine Logo x1
(Many didn't know about this)

3. Key fob with lion logo at the back of the casing
(Something many didn't know as well... Surprise?)

3. Risky Yet Most Wishes "Restoration"

1. Steering logo (due to warranty not adviseable to change) x1
(This will make a whole lots of difference)

Additional Popular Accessories

1. Aluminium Fuel Cap x1

2. Side sile plate x 4

3. Exhaust tips

The is actually 10 badges/emblems that can be change (restore) or reposition including 1 Key fob
1. Front Grill emblem (change)
2. Rear emblem (change)
3. Front right rim cap (change)
4. Front left rim cap (change)
5. Rear right rim cap (change)
6. Rear left rim cap (change)
7. Engine logo (change)
8. Rear Peugeot wording emblem (change)
9. Rear 206 / Bestari emblem (reposition/taken out)
10. Steering logo (change)

11. Key fob

ps- the information here is not to encourage the owner to change the logo, it is just simply an info. Do it at your own risk, as certain part (eg. steering logo change) might void your warranty.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sunday drive up to Lenggeng

On the morning of Sunday I decided to give Mr. Lenggeng a visit so me and my gf drop by to his 'place' before we head to KL. It was after rain when we arrive there and I was more than happy to see the road wet so off we went. Mr. Lenggeng greeted us with fallen leaves & branches on his 'house' and his 'maids' (monkeys) was kind enough to greet us too.

Enough of the greeting part...well it's been a while since I came here after the landslide that happened. The road didn't changed much except that I spotted a section of new rails installed at a certain place only don't know why but it was been damage already. Now I only notice there a waterfall on the way up, well not your sort of waterfall that you can swim in and I don't want to either cause your clothes might get stolen by the monkeys. The road was wet, slippery and some part got mud due to the rain. I got a video of our journey up there will post later. For now is the pictures, not much though cause I was concentrating on driving.

See the road? not much room for error. 1 small slip, you will either kiss the hill wall or down the hill.

I won't want to slip down there....scary* Some part or the road have space at the road shoulder some have non.

See how dense the forest is down there~ it will be hard to get you out if you are down there.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Asian Auto-BOSCH Fuel Efficiency Awards 2008 Vehicle Winners

For those who kept asking what is the 206 FC is like.. well here you can find it out yourself, not just the 206 but also 207cc

thanks to lowpro for pointing out this info.

For Peugeot/Bestari 206 come in 2nd place.

207cc 1st place and 308GT 2nd place

Proposing Paintball Game

Poison status 'ON'
Right after the Go-Kart session, Terry was suggesting for our next events The Paintball game/battle.
Here are some infomation that i found on the web.

Tanamera Paintball Field, in Sungai Buloh

Report in at 9300hours
Game Starts at 1000hours
Game Ends at 1700hours


RM 85.00



Current Fields:

Gear, very important
Whatever you feel comfortable but best is the Army camo gear or any dark long sleeved t-shirt, dark long pants, track pants or cargo pants the best and you might wana wear couples of layer of clothing for better protection too, and hiking boots or sports shoes. Don't wear your nicest pair of sports shoes, they are going to get muddied and the soles might drop off. You may also want to bring along a cap and/or bandanna.

Do bring:
A change of clothes, towel, shampoo etc. and drinking water and/or 100-plus, mosquito repellant (a must-have! Layer on that mosquito repellant!)

Ok enuogh of this lets look at some photo i extract it from the blog/facebook.


Protect me.. go go go

Ok this is what u might need to expect..

Look out for this guy! lol mr.chewbacca..

No pain no game... dont say i didnt warn you guys first...

Something u guys wana consider also lol

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Go-Karting TT

Date: 07 Dec 2008
Time: 2.00pm
Location: Stadium Shah Alam

City Karting Enterprise

1. Terry
2. Koinmove
3. Andy
4. Eugene
5. Joe
6. Ethan
7. Pumbaah
8. Xloader
9. Xloader mate (Lados)
10. Xloader mate

2 Rounds - Rm60.00 perperson (Please note the rounds is actually meaning session, which is a session of 10mins. 2 rounds meaning 2 sessions = 20mins, and not 2 laps of the track)

It was a really fun event; some of us are completely new to this Go Kart thingy, including me; Actually, I would say, it was fun mainly because of the group of people you go with, and they're really nice and fun~^ ^
Very memorable event and have those feeling like "wanna go again", hehe ^ ^

For my part, since I was a total newbie, never even sit on a real Go Kart before (except the arcade version in Genting Highlands arcade), the feeling was kinda, urm, "wierd". When the Kart engine is started, the Kart shakes so badly and especially the steering; it feels tight, but at the same time, extremely sensitive. Really not use to the sensitive steering, just a slight movement the Kart turns, and how the tyres and Kart behaves on uneven roads surface really makes me feel one kind. By the way, I was the last driver on the 1st round (among our members), so basically, I was left pretty behind... alone...

Off I go, slowly getting use to the feeling, and suddenly, the Kart in front of me just stop completely (a kid was driving, was a pro); He stop just after exiting the track, no idea why and luckily I was able to avoid him.
I slowly gain up speed while I was getting used to the Kart, the feeling, the handling, etc; but at the same time, a 2 Seater Kart is behind me giving me pressure, and it actually overtake me during the 1st Lap.
There was 1 adult and 1 kid on the 2 Seater Kart, not sure who is the actual driver, but I can see the adult keeps pointing left and right during corners.

When I finally get more used to the feeling and the Kart, I slowly gain up more speed and tries to catch up the front drivers; It was then the 2 Seater Kart let me pass by showing his hands.
I also notice Ethan sitting on motorbike due to his Kart having problems.
After I overtook the front driver (xloader's friend) and catching up to Eugene, just when I was going to overtake him on the next corner, suddenly, he enters the PIT; I got confused? I continued racing, but I don't see any of our members nearby; feeling awkward and thinking maybe they have stop because Ethan is having problem? So I enters the PIT area; but to my surprise nobody is there, and the guy actually turned off my engine before he asked me what is wrong...
After he explains to me what happens to the "others" who also got confused and enter the PIT area, he started my engine and OFF I go again... but this time, still, I can't see nobody on the track; It was kinda boring being alone...

The 1st round ended, and we're all talking about our exciting experiences from each others point of view; At this time, Pumbaah's wife also requested from Pumbaah to sit together in a 2 Seater Kart =p hehe; Didn't work, anyway, Pumbaah was also complaining that he got a slow Kart which at this time his wife mentioned it was actually due to the "weight" problems, hehe.
Anyway, the members were warned not to take Kart No. 18.

The 2nd round was more FUN and the real FUN and ACTION is; This time I was not the last ^ ^
koinmove was suppose to be in front of me, but he was "forced" to switch Kart with another lady because his seat was larger and the lady need a larger seat; so, he was pretty turned off and not happy.
At that time, I was very worry cause he was behind me and worry he will give me a lot of pressure during corners, LoL~

After we started, just after exiting to the Track, suddenly, a Green Shirt guy overtake me, he look back with his cute cheeky smile, "oh darn, it's xloader!!!"; woah, this pumps up my adrenaline and so I floor the gas pedal and chase him.

He's really really good at Go Kart, because of that and because I'm chasing him, I push myself further in order to keep up with him, entering corners faster and faster, and watching his corner lines and how he took corners; He's really good, from my view, he took corners very smoothly and stable, while I seems to be going in to fast and drift few times... It was fun following him and learning from him, altought I didn't manage to overtake him, at least I was able to keep up with him while we overtake few others till the rains started to pour....
It was then he started to slow down, altought I could overtake him then but I might risk losing control and spin my Kart, so I just keep close behind him; It was also the final lap.

We overtake Eugene before the S corners; I overtook Eugene right before the S corners, and I entered too fast, I slam the brakes and turns the steering but..... the wheels are lock!!! My Kart skidding straight even tough the wheels already turned... It was scary as I am sliding towards the tyres! Luckily, I manage to let off the brakes (not too panic) and and gas, regain my steering control and continue driving; Else, I might end up with tyres all over me, and Eugene will be calling for help... and probably need to pay RM50...
To understand more about wheel locking and what technology could "help" you in these situation, take a look at Bosch ABS video below:

Anyway, even tough I manage to save myself from hitting the tyres, after the S turn, I manage to catch up to xloader again together with another 2 drivers, driving pretty close to one another, and 4 of us was going to enter a tight turn with me being last; Unable to squeeze myself into them, I slam on the brakes and the next thing I know, I spun and I was facing the opposite driver, Eugene, who was behind me.
Luckily, again, no accidents as he was also pretty far away and not driving very fast; so we head off to the PIT and exit;
Driving in the rain with slick tyres is really scary! Hehe~

After that we went for a short TT, an actual TT with "Teh Tarik", as mentioned and highlighted by Eugene few times before, hehe. While we was leaving the place, me and Terry got confused and we drove into the Kart PIT area (actually, it was because the roads were block, but also actually, we went the wrong way). The staffs got panic and pointing at us (maybe they thought we wanted to enter the Track? hehe).

Anyway, I was the last one in the convoy and the view from the last is simply fantastic! With all different colours of 206, different RIMS, etc lead by a 406 D9; It's just soooo rare and beautiful~ If the FOG lights are turned on, it'll be even more fantastic and captures even much more attention. Even with our short convoy to Glenmarie for TT, we captures a lot of attention with colourful 206'ers convoy, with unique shiny Firedance Orange and Diablo Red. The parking was great too with ample space for us to line up our lions together, and it also captures a lot of attention from passer by (driving or walking); we even notice those walking actually "Stop and Stare"~ It's a rare sight! Simply beautiful~

Ooook, that's all about my "long long" story, hehe;
Check out Eugene's blog for his side of the stories.

And check out below for the videos and the pictures...

Choosing Helmets...

Inviting The Winner~
(Our Peugeot Vision Star)

Buckle Up Helmets...
(Eugene: tight tight...)

Ready To Move Out~
Eugene: cannot tigthen leh...
Xloader (Khairil): Tolong sikit, kasi "pasang"

And they're off... to save the world...

Choosing the Karts~

Getting Ready~

Eugene: Still cannot tigthen leh...
Andy: So heavy this Helmet...

Poor Eugene, Got Stuck In The Middle
Eugene: Move Away! Move Away! I can't turn! I can't show my "special super best premium lion cornering" skill on the video

After the 1st Round~
Congratulating & Praising The Winner, Professional Driver: xloader (Khairil)

The Winners Face~
xloader (Khairil) - see he soooo happy =)
Eugene, don't so angry; 2nd round OK?

Discussing about the 1st round~

The Happy Moments~ ^ ^

Pumbaah's Wife come and request for 2 Seater Cart With Her Husband For Next Round...
Pumbaah: I wanna race! I wanna race! I wanna race!

While waiting for 2nd Round... We spotted this...

And This....
Andy? Dreaming ka?

2nd Round Is Up~ Choosing The Karts Again~

The Kart Drivers~

F1 "Style" Driver~ Pumbaah

"Old Skool" Mario Kart Driver~ Eugene

While waiting....

Suddenly 2 Pro Kart Drivers Drift By~ All the Heads Turn~

The Group (The Winner Is Missing)

TT @ Glenmarie

TT @ Glenmarie

Terry's Cool Looking Tail Lights With "Eye Liner" Makeup~

TitanRev (Joe)'s "Unique" "STOCK" BB Lion

The "Cold Air Intake"~

This is one "bad *ss" lion; See what it's doing? The International Sign?

Hm... maybe this is the consequences of being one "bad *ss" lion, hehe =P