Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sunday drive up to Lenggeng

On the morning of Sunday I decided to give Mr. Lenggeng a visit so me and my gf drop by to his 'place' before we head to KL. It was after rain when we arrive there and I was more than happy to see the road wet so off we went. Mr. Lenggeng greeted us with fallen leaves & branches on his 'house' and his 'maids' (monkeys) was kind enough to greet us too.

Enough of the greeting part...well it's been a while since I came here after the landslide that happened. The road didn't changed much except that I spotted a section of new rails installed at a certain place only don't know why but it was been damage already. Now I only notice there a waterfall on the way up, well not your sort of waterfall that you can swim in and I don't want to either cause your clothes might get stolen by the monkeys. The road was wet, slippery and some part got mud due to the rain. I got a video of our journey up there will post later. For now is the pictures, not much though cause I was concentrating on driving.

See the road? not much room for error. 1 small slip, you will either kiss the hill wall or down the hill.

I won't want to slip down there....scary* Some part or the road have space at the road shoulder some have non.

See how dense the forest is down there~ it will be hard to get you out if you are down there.


Eugene said...

the road is not that good, got animals!!!.. and worst of all... u r not driving your pug... :(

TitanRev said...

hahaha~~ that time i was having a sofa at my back. How to drive pug leh?...Animals not much lah...just dogs and monkeys. You went there ?