Sunday, December 21, 2008

Peugeot 206 "Restoration" project

Peugeot 206 "Restoration" project:

Recently, due to the promotion from Naza with the 0% interest and up 12yrs loan, the 206 is getting more populors amongs malaysian. But because it was badge as Naza there is alot of owners out there that wishes to rebadge it back to Peugeot original logo/emblems.

And to that, recently there is a very high demand of the logo. Here is the list and location of the logo that can be change.

Rebadge/Restore Location

1. Usual/Most Common "Restoration"

1.Front Emblem x1

2.Rear Emblem x1

3. Original Peugeot Wording Emblem x 1

4. 206 letter (more like reposition than replace) / Bestari wording out. x1

2. Additional "Restoration"

1. Rims cap x 4

2. Engine Logo x1
(Many didn't know about this)

3. Key fob with lion logo at the back of the casing
(Something many didn't know as well... Surprise?)

3. Risky Yet Most Wishes "Restoration"

1. Steering logo (due to warranty not adviseable to change) x1
(This will make a whole lots of difference)

Additional Popular Accessories

1. Aluminium Fuel Cap x1

2. Side sile plate x 4

3. Exhaust tips

The is actually 10 badges/emblems that can be change (restore) or reposition including 1 Key fob
1. Front Grill emblem (change)
2. Rear emblem (change)
3. Front right rim cap (change)
4. Front left rim cap (change)
5. Rear right rim cap (change)
6. Rear left rim cap (change)
7. Engine logo (change)
8. Rear Peugeot wording emblem (change)
9. Rear 206 / Bestari emblem (reposition/taken out)
10. Steering logo (change)

11. Key fob

ps- the information here is not to encourage the owner to change the logo, it is just simply an info. Do it at your own risk, as certain part (eg. steering logo change) might void your warranty.


bed : said...

Dear Eugene, Could u tell me where can i guy/get all those said things?

Sanowar Hossin said...

That car is gorgeous! thanks for sharing.
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