Saturday, May 23, 2009

Safety & Defensive Driving Course

Details of the event as follows:

Date: 18th July 2009 (Saturday).
Full day from 8.30 (registration) till 5pm.
Location: Shah Alam Stadium (open parking).

Price Per Person: RM250.

Terms & Condition:
This is only open to Autoworld members - for registration, please provide valid Autoworld userid. Pay only RM250.

Limit: 25 pax per day.
If response is good, can consider doing it the following day on 19th July (Sunday). For now, date is still fix on 18th.

Agenda: Will finalize the course content and agenda soon.

Payment Method:
Autoworld will setup the page for payment soon. Credit card or transfer direct to Sdn Bhd. Can issue cheque also, must send to our office at address below and make payable to " Sdn Bhd"
Address: Sdn Bhd
27, Lorong Medan Tuanku 1
(off Jln Sultan Ismail),
50300 Kuala Lumpur.

For more info please go to our forum

Monday, May 4, 2009

My206Club: Major D.I.Y. Session 2nd Coverage

Below are the 2nd coverage for the Major D.I.Y. Session on 1st May 2009. Sorry for the late photos and videos.

For more pictures, please visit my Car Domain:

Above is a Panorama Picture which I use a freeware to merge (or stitch) 3 pictures into 1. It's not perfect, but it does the job. =)

The Morning Group

Colourful 206


The "Light" Side

Afternoon Session

We're having some 206 difficulties, 206 Traffic Jam

Organizer (epang) and Scouter (gilamon206) checking the situation

The Lions Have Shade Now~

Silver & Quartz Blue Lions Waiting Patiently...

The King Of The Silver Lions

Incomplete Version
But... I tot I saw 2 person holding hands? =P


Short Drive Session


Mr. Director (blackdolphin) resting...
(Did you guys know that on the same night, "One In A Million" is held at the Stadium Malawati?)

Impromptu D.I.Y. Session - Breaking The ICE with Karate by blackdolphin

Finally, Lion Farting session...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My206Club: Uncovered Report

Below is an "uncovered" report in January "impromptu" visit to Tony's shop while we all were having "TT" (Teh Tarik) sessions in Bluebox Glenmarie...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

My206Club First Ever Major DIY TT

1st may 2009 ( Shah Alam Stadium Extreme Park / Shah Alam Stadium Car Park)

The first Major DIY TT session organised by My206Club was a great success. More than 30 Peugeot/Bestari 206 attended this TT from morning till evening.

10.00am - More and more 206 arrived ( Shah Alam Stadium Extreme Park)
11.00am - Breakfast
-Nasi Lemak sponsored by Ain206
-Drinks sponsored by Blackdolphin, Andy
-Fruits sponsored by misskeylat
-Snacks sponsored by Henry, Epang
(if there is more sponsor please remind me.. sorry)

12.00pm - The Session started

1.00pm - Break( Lunch & Friday Prayers)

2.30pm - The session continued

3.30pm - Short drive to 2nd location (Stadium Shah Alam Car Park)

4.30pm - Photo session

5.30pm - Session ended ( some stayed back and continued till 6.30pm)

Here i would lke to thank to those that had made this TT a successful event.

From the attendance list:
Epang, Andy214, lilpenny, Jlow, Jimmy, Ain206, Ritz Arift, Megat206, Tnash, Intermilan, Vinvy, Jatt, danielle83, lowpro, man_karat, duratena, gilamonster, TitanRev, Henry, Vinnie, Blackdolphin, misskeylat, terry, Nozzy, wan206, xloader, xadi, rocky, tantung, etetet, swing123.

A special thanks to

Ain206 for the tasty nasi lemak, Dolphin for the drinks and using your 406 as camera car and full support of the event altho you dont own a 206 :), Andy for smsing all the 206 owners to notify them about the TT and drinks, Tnash for introducing Azmi (Decarbonizer products) and doing a demo on it, Henry for coming over all the way from Penang and the tasty snacks, Misskeylet for the lovely fruits, Rocky for coming all the way from JB, Xadi for the guide and knowledge about maintaning the engine, TitanRev for coming all the way from Seremban and showing us his 'stock' engine which makes our engine looks like not completely build, Gilamonster for donating the email acc. for sending emails to all the 206 owners (Yes, he is the first person in malaysia to had used my206club which makes him one of our founder too), lowpro for giving and insight of the upcoming and exciting new 206+ and megat for showing us some stunts and info about the greatness of 206.

(If i missed anyone i am sorry and will update it asap)

Photo by TitanRev (for more click here)

Baby lion

Danielle being cooked under the sun

Inspecting the car

Checking out Megat's car

Dolphin checking his stocks

The Megat being lead to his super car by tnash

Xadi giving demo about car servicing

Food and Drinks sponsor by our members

Avoiding sun heat under a tree

Titan giving misskeylet some advise

Food distribution

Arranging the car for photoshooting

A short drive towards 2nd location

Group photo

Megat burning some rubber!

Some funny stuff by TitanRev