Monday, May 4, 2009

My206Club: Major D.I.Y. Session 2nd Coverage

Below are the 2nd coverage for the Major D.I.Y. Session on 1st May 2009. Sorry for the late photos and videos.

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Above is a Panorama Picture which I use a freeware to merge (or stitch) 3 pictures into 1. It's not perfect, but it does the job. =)

The Morning Group

Colourful 206


The "Light" Side

Afternoon Session

We're having some 206 difficulties, 206 Traffic Jam

Organizer (epang) and Scouter (gilamon206) checking the situation

The Lions Have Shade Now~

Silver & Quartz Blue Lions Waiting Patiently...

The King Of The Silver Lions

Incomplete Version
But... I tot I saw 2 person holding hands? =P


Short Drive Session


Mr. Director (blackdolphin) resting...
(Did you guys know that on the same night, "One In A Million" is held at the Stadium Malawati?)

Impromptu D.I.Y. Session - Breaking The ICE with Karate by blackdolphin

Finally, Lion Farting session...

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TitanRev said...

Andy,Hahaha..the FF video made my 206 exhaust sounded like a Go Kart..Hahahaha