Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour!

My206Club supported Earth Hour

28 March 2009

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Peugeot Sport Road Tax Holder

Updates on My206Club Shop

Good news! New batch of Peugeot Sport Road Tax just finished printing.

- No more sticky roadtax on your windshield
- Clean white design
- For all Peugeot's car enthusiasm

Selling at RM8.00 each.

For more information please contact the below:
1. Andy: 012-2365945 (Klang Valley - Klang, Shah Alam, Subang, PJ, etc)
2. Andrew (012-2688053) or Eugene (017-3072663): For KL area, Subang, PJ, etc.

P/S: We would prefer and appreciate if you can collect it during "Teh Tarik" (TT) Sessions.
For delivery (outstation, etc), we would appreciate if you could purchase in few quantity.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Lion logo key fob for sale.

Set of Peugeot 206 key fob (no key blade, remote control board or immobiliser chip)

Front (with 2 buttons) and Back (with lion logo) RM150.00

Limited stock on a 1st come 1st served basis. After that , full payment required for future booking .

To order please contact:
Ethan at
BlackDolphin 012 2688053

Thursday, March 19, 2009

WRC 206 in Malaysia - Totalled!

Ever wonder who got the WRC 206 car registration no.? Well here it is .. the only 206 in Malaysia with the plate no. of WRC206.. and its a TOTAL LOST.

The no. was bought by the car owner for his Peugeot 206 (Not Bestari ver.) and the car lost control at some corner near Seremban? (according to source)

It's actually an old model 206

What a pity... WRC 206..

Anyway the good thing is, the driver came out of it without any scratches. And he kept praising how good and safe this car was. And btw he is not selling the WRC206 plate no. haha.. maybe he is going to get another 206?...

WRC206 - on a Peugeot 206 (Quick silver) status =Totalled.
WRC308 - on a Peugeot 308GT (Red) status = Test drive car. (Nasim)
WRC407 - on a Peugeot 407 (??) status = ??

Thanks to BlackDolphin for the pictures and information.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Peugeot 206: Forever Young

The owners of the Peugeot 206 consist of people from a variety of age, from young fresh new drivers to senior citizens. Although it's been said that the 206 looks small and fits the young drivers more, and also the looks which attracts younger drivers, more especially on the ladies, but it didn't fail capture the attention of the older drivers too. It has captured by friends father attention when he first saw it on the road and when I drive to his house, his father was checking the car in-and-out like no other car.
It's cute, yet sporty and adds a little bit of class. It can be fierce, yet it can be very happy; just look at the smile on the bumper grille =D.

Anyway, the purpose of this posting was to show a video about "Forever Young". Having heard some feedbacks from the higher age group owners, it was said that the 206 gives a different kind of feel from their "other" rides. It's fun, sporty and gives the feeling of being young again and brings back the joy of driving; "Young At Heart", they called it.

So, below is a video about "Forever Young", ENJOY!:

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Manual Transmission Gear Oil Change

I changed by gearbox oil during my last service before Chinese New Year 2009, it was a 80W90 Rating. Somehow, after changing, I felt the gear change isn't smooth, it's slightly rougher and sometimes hard to engage into first gear unless I release-and-press the clutch few times and requires a little more force to engage into first. At first, it did not hit me, until sometimes the problem gets very irritating especially when you're stuck in the jam and need to downshift to first gear quickly and avoid other car cutting queue (sometimes I feel like wanted to just SLAM the gear hard).

Then, I decided to check on it and also suspected the gear oil. At that time, I didn't check what specifications oil they used (as they are authorized dealer and have been dealing with Peugeot for long time), and I also didn't know the exact oil specification for manual gearbox.
Finally, when I check it, I notice the one they used for mine was 80W90, and the recommended specification should be BV 75W80.
I also read that this specification was specially recommended for PSA gearbox and it is based on PSA's specification.

I'm not sure if it's safe to use other gearbox oil and is it problems I'm facing really due to the gearbox oil, but I just don't feel good knowing I'm using a different specification moreover with the current gearbox behavior.

Below is some pictures taken from the "User Handbook". For locally assembled Peugeot 206 (aka Bestari), you might not have some of these information. This is a Fully Imported Peugeot 206 Handbook with complete details.

As you can see above, there're some "Servicing" information and guides which covers few pages, including the recommended Engine Oil with a chart.

If you wish to see similar information, you can get it from 2006 Total Lubricant Servicing Schedule For Peugeot PDF:

Here's 2 Page on the 206 extracted from the PDF:

As you can see below, it also mentioned that the transmission oils with BV 75W80 is particularly recommended for PSA gearbox. I got this information off another site about transmission oil:

Ok, finally, I decided to spend again and get the gearbox oil change. The day I planned to go didn't turn out to be successful, but that day, I felt the gearchange even rougher and the difficulties in engaging 1st gear is getting on me especially with the traffic jams. Finally I decided to go the very next day.

As it's a quite rushing thing, and as usual, Bluebox Glenmarie is always fully booked, so didn't managed to go there. Decided to go back to where I change the gearbox oil previously, but surprisingly when I inquire them through phone about the gearbox oil, they only have 80W90 and claimed so far they never have any problems.

So then, I decided to go straight to Kheng Soon 3S since I never been there and have heard from some other owners that they have good service, moreover they're authorised and it's a 3S centre. Supposed they have the "recommended" gearboxoil. I went there without checking further.

Again,... to my surprise, they don't have it, only have 80W90. I asked if they're able to get it, but they can't. Dissapointed, I just have my coolant changed and decided to get the oil somewhere. When I was leaving, I called up Volcare but they too only have 80W90 specification oil. Then I got an idea, which is to get the oil from Bluebox Glenmarie and change it at another authorised SC, but nobody answers.....

So as I drive along... something big and red strikes me... it's... 2 BOOMERANGS! The cousin of Peugeot, Citroen!!! I quickly make a stop and turn into Citroen. Surprisingly, the environment inside looks much better... The front desk personnels seems more friendly and profesional too?
So, I asked for the gearbox oil, they have it! But they were asking me... "Which model?"
I answered: "Actually, I'm driving a Peugeot"
Personnel: "Can use?"
Me: "Can, actually it's same. Anyway, you're selling Total brand?"
Personnel: "No, it's ESSO"
Me: "Oh, can also, it's 75W80 right?"

So, he took the bottle of 2L for me, and I think he finally realiaze the bottle actually have both Peugeot & Citroen logo all over and also behind the box actually have "AUTOMOBILES PEUGEOT" printed.
The bad news: That 2L bottle cost me over RM100...
(A check with Tony, you can get it from him around RM80, I supposed Total brand would be slightly cheaper?)

Back I go to Kheng Soon 3S. Something funny happen, the moment I took out the gearbox oil, the frontdesk personnel first reaction was "That is AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION Oil".
I insist that it is not, another person check and still insist it was automatic transmission oil. I insist again, so they get a mechanic over to check and the mechanic verifies it is indeed manual gearbox oil.

Finally the front desk personnel asked me: "Where you buy?"
Me: "Erm... Citroen"
Personnel (eyes big and smiling): "Expensive"

Below are some pictures of the gearbox oil.
For the BE4/5 gearbox, it uses approximately 1.9L of oil.
For MA5 gearbox (Peugeot 206 1.1L, 1.4L, 1.6L), it uses approximately 2L of oil.

Now, after so long story, I guess what you guys really want to know and interested is the "actual" result.
Well, for me, it's better and especially at certain situation, you can feel the gearchange slide smoothly as if got good lubrication.
So far, no more complains engaging 1st gear. There is however slight difficulties at certain times/condition but it's quite common, it's not like the previous which happens most of the time and it's really difficult that you have to release-and-press the clutch again and maybe again.

Disclaimer: I'm not sure if 80W90 can be use on these gearbox or is it actually been approved by PSA. Maybe someone can get some information? As I can't find any information from the internet so far BUT I found similar problems like mine who uses 80W90 and is having difficulties engaging first gear especially, and also read someone mentioned that it will damaged the syncromesh. How true? No idea. Perhaps someone can verify this information.