Thursday, March 19, 2009

WRC 206 in Malaysia - Totalled!

Ever wonder who got the WRC 206 car registration no.? Well here it is .. the only 206 in Malaysia with the plate no. of WRC206.. and its a TOTAL LOST.

The no. was bought by the car owner for his Peugeot 206 (Not Bestari ver.) and the car lost control at some corner near Seremban? (according to source)

It's actually an old model 206

What a pity... WRC 206..

Anyway the good thing is, the driver came out of it without any scratches. And he kept praising how good and safe this car was. And btw he is not selling the WRC206 plate no. haha.. maybe he is going to get another 206?...

WRC206 - on a Peugeot 206 (Quick silver) status =Totalled.
WRC308 - on a Peugeot 308GT (Red) status = Test drive car. (Nasim)
WRC407 - on a Peugeot 407 (??) status = ??

Thanks to BlackDolphin for the pictures and information.


TitanRev said...

I think it's either at Bukit Putus, Kuala Kelawang, BUkit Lenggeng or Bukit Mantin.

Ethan said...

Arg... everytime I see a crashed 206 I remind myself about driving safe.

But hoh, this WRC 206 doesn't look modded leh, it looks so stock from the outside, no sport rims even no spoiler! The only mods I can see are the lamps. Yet the owner is so into his 206 until go buy the number plate.

Oh ya, Eugene you have left out the 307 leh. And WRC 407 is not really sought after la, because it ain't a WRC car. :P

TitanRev said...

Where's the car ah now? I want to jack his headlights...Muahahaha

Ethan said...

Hey Joe, that place looks like KS in Chan Sow Lin. You always travel between KL-Seremban mah, go and have a look la, haha.

koinmove (Aaron Chan) said...

wa... how he crush like this, terbalik ka? :P

BlackDolphin said...

This car is still in KS. The owner is the guy in black in the 2nd picture. Got offer to buy the whole wreck for RM5k now. Waiting for approval from the insurance company.