Monday, March 28, 2011

Peugeot Club Malaysia 6th Annual General Meeting

Peugeot Club Malaysia 6th Annual General Meeting was held recently on Saturday, 26th March 2011 at NAZA World Conference Room, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

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Below are the new Central Committee lineup:
President: CK Wong (Pumbaah)
Vice President: Hazrul Kamaludin (Gmoux)
Secretary: Nurul Farahana (Adek)
Vice Secretary: Andrew Leow Ming Siang (Blackdolphin)
Treasurer: Thum Chee Ket (Jack-Sparrow)

Andy Ang (Andy214)
Abdul Halim (PeugeotC)
Yaakob Mohd Noh (Maxcobmara)
Wong Chean Far (Carter)
Syazwan bin Ismail (Zwan)

Auditor: Inbah Rajah (Inbah)
Advisor: Khairi Hj Aksan (Abangk) who had completed his third terms (6 years) as the President is required by the Club Constitution to retire for 12 calender months.

You may enjoy some of the pictures below:

My206Club Grand TT on 1st May 2009 was presented in the presentation prepared by Farahanna.

Derick Tan arrived just in time.

Jack elected as the New Treasurer

New Comittee Lineup

New President (Left) - Pumbaah (aka CK Wong)
Ex President (Right) - AbangK (aka Khairi)

New Vice President (GMoux aka Hazrul)

New Secretary (Right) - Farahanna
New Vice Secretary (Middle) - blackdolphin (aka Andrew)


Leaving for Dinner...

Our Dinner Location - Gastro Cafe, Subang.

Knight Rider

Finally, something that we spotted that day... the Customer of the Peugeot 308cc collected the hot lion...