Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Peugeot 206: Forever Young

The owners of the Peugeot 206 consist of people from a variety of age, from young fresh new drivers to senior citizens. Although it's been said that the 206 looks small and fits the young drivers more, and also the looks which attracts younger drivers, more especially on the ladies, but it didn't fail capture the attention of the older drivers too. It has captured by friends father attention when he first saw it on the road and when I drive to his house, his father was checking the car in-and-out like no other car.
It's cute, yet sporty and adds a little bit of class. It can be fierce, yet it can be very happy; just look at the smile on the bumper grille =D.

Anyway, the purpose of this posting was to show a video about "Forever Young". Having heard some feedbacks from the higher age group owners, it was said that the 206 gives a different kind of feel from their "other" rides. It's fun, sporty and gives the feeling of being young again and brings back the joy of driving; "Young At Heart", they called it.

So, below is a video about "Forever Young", ENJOY!:

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