Saturday, December 27, 2008

K&N Drop-in filter for sales

We had 3 pieces of K&N drop-in filter for sale. (No need modification, just swap with and replace with the original filter)

1. Used K&N drop-in filter RM50.00 (sold)
2. Used K&N drop-in filter (look's new) RM100.00 (sold)
3. Used K&N drop-in filter (very new, just used it once for testing; changed to K&N Open Pod) RM150.00 (sold)

Please check here again from time to time as once we got some members wanted to sell their used parts we will post it up.


lowprofile said...


keep the rm50 unit for me. just wanna test on my car.

Eugene said...


Kenji said...

can i have the RM100 one?
the one (look's new) is that used?


dacmo said...

Any of these left? I'm interested to get one.