Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Car Care Tip 1

Looks dirty n ugly

Had you ever had the feeling that everytime after you washes your car and all is shinny then you notice the plastic part (the black colour) lining on the roof is so ugly... and no matter how you wash it and when it dry it still lookes dirty?

Well no more, i got a tips for you on how to easily clean it and maintain it in a tip top conditions.

All you needed is 1 piece of scour pad ( those green pan sponge ) cut it in smaller size, best is same size as the plastic lining, 1 black KIWI show polish and 1 old cloth.

Watermark that cant be clean of just by normal washing

First use the scour pad to scrub off all the watermark, dust etc. with some water make sure it is evenly scrub and also most importantly not to scrub on your car paintwork!

Next use the old cloth and the KIWI shoe polish, give it a good amout of it.. dont be stingy.

Lastly slowly n gently apply it on the plastic part, you might need to redo a couple of time to make it all evenly dark/black.

The final result, it looks clean and new. I could had do a better job on it hehe but since i havent wash my car yet so i just do a little demo for the blog

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aimighazali said...

i did 206 look very macho..