Thursday, July 16, 2009

Performance Parts


Torsion Bar
PEUGEOT 206 22.5mm torsion bar
Made of SAE9245 quality torsional spring steel

Lightweight aluminum C-pillar strut brace
Prcise fish-scale soldering
Only 20mm drilled hole neede for c-pillar plastic
For all PEUGEOT 206 models

PEUGEOT CITROEN AL4 gearbox cooler
Aluminum adapter with oil sensor hole preserved
Aeroquip high pressure oil hose Model FC332 AQP
Heat resistance 150 degree (Celsius)
Pressure resistance 250psi=17bar
W/ Hose inner diameter 9.7mm, length 240cm

Reinforced lightweight pulleys
7075-T6 alumium made, hardness HR B80 above
High accurate CNC lathe produced
Smooth groove prevents damage to the belt

Adjustable top sus bearing mount
Using Japanese NMB bearing
Camber adjustable +/- 2.5 degree
Compatible to major brand hi low kit suspension
For all PEUGEOT 206 models

PU bottom engine mount
Brand-new PU material
Hardness 70 degree
Non-break, everlasting and comfortable driving

PU embedded bottom engine mount
Brand-new PU material
Reinforce genuine engine mount lifetime
Giving ideal and comfort drive
Reducing power output losing while shifting

Short Shifter
Shorten approximately 30% shifting distance
Easy install without further modification of car
W/O Shift knob
For all PEUGEOT 206 manual car

CNC machine made 4-2-1 manifold exhauster
Pipe diameter consist: 38mm/43mm/50mm
Pipe thickness: 2mm
Made of SUS304 Stainless steel
W/ High quality durable anti-leaking gasket
W/ Davit soldered for fixing on transmission
Direct install, no further modification of car
O2 Sensor been treated no lighting guaranteed
More coming soon with Pricing.
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