Saturday, November 1, 2008

5 Years Warranty and 3 Years Free Service package.

For those who had bought the 206 under the 5 years warranty and 3 years free service offer, ( somewhere around May-Sept./Oct. 2008, please check with your SA). You will received an additional Free Service Vouchers Booklet apart from your User manual and Warranty/Service Booklet.

The Warranty & Service Booklet

The Free Service Vouchers booklets will entitle you 6 times free services or for 3 years on your 206 which is including parts & labour.

The Free Service Vouchers Booklet

Inside the Vouchers Booklet inc:
  1. Free First Inspection at 2500km or 3 months voucher. (this is very important to validate your car warranty)
  2. 2nd Free Service Voucher at 20,000km or 12 months ( 1 years)
  3. 3rd Free Inspection Voucher at 30,000km or 18 months
  4. 4th Free Service Voucher at 40,000km or 24 months (2 years)
  5. 5th Free Inspection Voucher at 50,000km or 30 months
  6. 6th Free Service Voucher at 60,000km or 36 months (3 years)

Free Service voucher at 20,000km or 12 mth

Free Service voucher at 50,000km or 30 mth

Free Service voucher at 60,000km or 36 mth ( the last voucher of the booklet)

Also you might notice that inside your Warranty & Service Booklet the expired date of the warranty is written 3 years after the car first registered. That is because the additional 2 years warranty (of the supposely 5 years warranty) papers (or whatever black and white) will be send to you by Naza itself in couples of months. Well atleast this is what was told by my SA, its seems like Peugeot only cover the original 3 years of the 206 and Naza will cover the rest of the 2 years warranty.

Anyway, just to make sure please again refer to your own SA to get the confirmation about the rest of the 2 years warranty which is not written in the Warranty & Service Booklet.

Sum- If you are under the 5 years warranty and 3 years Free service package/offer you should check if you had the
  1. User manual
  2. Warranty & Service Booklet (Check if the warranty is cover till 3 years or 5 years, if 3 years only the go to step 4)
  3. Free Service Vouchers Booklet ( with 6 vouchers in it)
  4. Check with your SA the additional 2 years warranty of the 5 years

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