Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Volcare SC

KL Volcare Service Centre Sdn Bhd,
No72 Jalan Embun
Jln Ulu Kelang
68000 Selangor
Tel: 03-4256 5827, 03-4252 4436, 03-4252 4435
Fax: 03-4252 4435
Mobile: 019-333 1478
Email: mohan_volcar@yahoo.com

Located along the MRR2 by the Ampang/Ulu Kelang, Volcare is formally a Volvo service center being appointed as Authorise Peugeot service center for about 2 years.

Altho the workshop is not well equip as the Blue Box Glenmarie SC or Kheng Soon SC i found out that the mechanic here is very friendly and helpful.

I went there today with 2 things to sort out. First the suspected leaking from the driveshaft and sound on sterring wheel when turning while moving slowly.

First get my info registered at the office and within minutes i was served by a chinese mechanic.. he took me for a spin to find out the sound, after 20mins still cant heard it we head back to the workshop and get the car jack up and check the bottom of it and found out the grease on the driveshaft is actually an undercoat been trigger happy spray all over it.

After that another mechanic (head techician/boss) came to test drive the car again with me... we took a longer route and takes turn to drive it to find out the sound... but after 30+mins of driving the sound still didnt came out we decided to head back again.. and back at the workshop the car was being jack up again and this time the (Boss) told the younger mechanic to check and tighten all screws/nuts and told me to come back again when the noise is getting louder and very easy noticeable.

Overall i am satisfied with thier services, altho the sound havent been fix but they did try hard to find it and spent alot of times on my car.

Volcare is using Total engine oil.
You can bring your own oil but it will be written on the worksheet, meaning if anything happen to your engine they wont be responsiblity for it and Naza will void it.

Inside the workshop there is also another 206 being fix... well atleast the know what the cause, but still waiting for the owner to give the sign to go ahead, as it is not covered by the warranty, the owner had to pay from his own wallet.

The car is 1 1/2 yrs old with 50,000++ km

Seems like Naza said it is not covered by warranty and considered as wear and tear

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Kenji said...

i think my car also same problem la..
sound on stering wheel when turning while moving slowly