Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Latest Offer For The 206 Bestari: Naza Credit Lease

Nasim has recently launch a very attractive and interesting new offer for the 206 Bestari. This new offer would really make the car affordable to a lot of people, at the same time, letting more people to able to enjoy and own a new continental car, the prestige, class and priviledge.

So, what's the deal/offer about?

Loan Tenure: 0% Interest Up To 12 Years (under Naza Credit Lease (NCL)).
Downpayment: 0% or RM0

What you need?
Booking Fee: RM100 (NON REFUNDABLE)

What's the price? Interesting...
206 Bestari (Automatic Tansmission With Tiptronic System Porshe): RM61,200 ONLY
Monthly: RM425

206 Bestari (Manual Transmission): RM56,160 ONLY
Monthly: RM390

What can I say?
OH MY GOSH!!! Maybe I can get myself another 206? >.<


Jullian said...

I'm interested in getting a 206 myself.. And after viewing a couple of pages of the blog, I'm really interested, especially in the premium like yours.

But since it's not in my affordability range, maybe this is what I need, for now..

I'm interested in the auto version.. But I found out that it's a different car from the regular RM68K one.

I would also like to knw how's the fuel consumption of the car? Is it true that with full tank (42L) it's only possible to travel 430KMs? And how's the maintenance of the car like? What's the average costs per service?

Thanx in advance~ ^^

My206GTi said...

Hi Jullian,

The premium edition is limited edition; But, if you really wanted it, you can actually get it done at NZ Galaxy. But I would personally suggest, if you willing to spend more, go for better quality leather, such as, DK Leather.
You can actually cover the dash with leather to make it more class and premium...

Basically, the one selling now is around RM61,200 (used to be RM68K); The one you mentioned for RM68K if I'm not wrong is the 2008 Edition with Full Sportivo bodykit. It's also sold out if I'm not wrong, BUT, this kit can be easily done by NZ Galaxy; You can actually request it from the salesperson when you book you car (to get everything done for you when you receive your car).

Fuel Consumption differs from drivers; On the average, it is possible to travel up to 500KM too or more from what I've known. If full highway driving, it is "possible" to go up to 700KM++. BUT, there is also people who suffer from poor Fuel Consumption. So, I would say it depends on how one drive.

In terms of maintenance; if I'm not wrong, currently the Service Interval is 10,000KM (previously 20,000KM). And it is just normal service procedure like any other car, except you cannot use MINERAL oil. So, if you're using Semi Synthethic Oil, it should cost you around around RM200 or less in total (depending on the labour charges from different service centres).
The MAJOR service is at 60,000KM which can cost you up to RM1000+; It's actually because of the labour charges (it's charge per item done).
Another MAJOR one is at 80,000KM where you need to change the timing belt, which in total will cost you another RM1000+ (similarly, labour per item basis).

If you're taking the auto one, I would personally suggest you to spend a little more to change the Automatic Transmission Fluid more frequently (around 30,000KM or 1 Year (WHICHEVER comes first); It would cost you around RM200++ including labour charges at authorised service centres.

Hope the above answers your inquiries; You can check out our blog for more information; check for the labels:

To know more about the car unique features which you don't usually see in other competitor's car, check out the labels:

Jullian said...

Thanx My206GTi..your comments surely helped a lot in my understanding of the car~

I have 'booked' the car by paying the RM100 and handing over all the documents for the NCL at the Naza showroom FS Auto Corp Sdn. Bhd. yesterday~ :)

Hope to get the car and join u guyz during CNY as I'm not very satisfied with what I'm getting (accessories on the car)~ ^^

MOHD ZAKI said...

hi jullian..who's sales person did u deal for the NCL at Fs Auto corp?i already submit my doc for NCL at Fs Auto Corp Ampang Water Front on the middle dec 2008..until now i don't know the status. when i asked the sales person. he only said no status until yesterday 8 jan 09..

master_red_lion said...
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master_red_lion said...

i'm interested in Naza's offer... but the only thing that really hold me back is the location of service center... especially in Penang and Terengganu...

i've tried to look up in Naza Kia's website (not sure is it the right site) and i'm confused what's the difference of service dealer and service branches?

also, i've read around about how bad the service centers are... i dont know if i should trust them or experience them on my own...

maybe you can clarify a little bit on this???

Rachel Loke said...

I'm really interested in getting the car...but i have several concerns about the promotion and the car. 0% interest rate? There's sure to be a cath somewhere right?

Also, I have read several bad reviews about the car. What do you reckon? Please advice as I am not very knowledgable when it comes to cars. I'm thinking of getting it as my first car...I'll be paying it off on my own...I just started working not long ago.

Thanks! Much appreciated.

My206GTi said...

Jullian & Zaki,

Gotten your car?


Yea, there's only 1 service centre in Penang and heard it wasn't good. For normal servicing it should be no problems tough.

I heard Nasim is going to open their own SC in Penang and also JB soon.

My206GTi said...


There is no catch as we know of. From what we know is, you can consider it something like stock clearance. The need to sell off all the 206 in order to bring in the 207 sometime in the future; Heard it would take another year at least.

Bad reviews depends on what are you referring to; If you're referring to the car itself, it's a much better than car many of the cars within RM60-RM90K range. You might find the car has lots of features, more classy, luxury than many of those cars.
In terms of bad reviews on the build quality and stuff, yes, the local version (aka Bestari) does have several minor issues. Some units have does have poor QC or Post Delivery Inspection (PDI) resulting in more bad reviews.
For those who really keen on getting the car, should really check the car properly upon delivery.

As for yourself, I don't think we can say "yes" or "no" whether you should buy or not. I would say, if you're tempted solely based on the offer, then I would advice you to reconsider and check out other cars in your mind first.

If you are really interested in this car, then I would suggest you to find out more about the car from the REAL owners, the CURRENT owners. Check out their ride and let them tell you the specialties of the car.

Here's something to begin with:


Since its your very first car, I would suggest you to consider properly and go test drive and feel all the cars in your mind/list before making your final decision.

My206GTi said...

You all can always join us at Autoworld forum:




Rachel Loke said...

Thank you so much for the reply! Much appreciated. And yes, I am interested with the car itself and not because of the promo.

Thanks for the insight! It is much appreciated. =)

My206GTi said...


No problem. Hope the information was useful.

Hope you made a good choice for yourself. Good luck and all the best~