Sunday, January 11, 2009

My206Club first TT for year 2009. (Seremban TT)

10 Jan 2009, the first TT session of My206club.
Venue: Seremban
Host: Titan aka Joe
Members :
  1. TitanRev (Joe)
  2. Gilamon (Sylvan)
  3. Etetet (Ethan)
  4. Epang Eugene)
  5. Danielle
  6. lowpro
  7. Ian (Danielle partner)
  8. Ting (future 206 owner)
The TT somehow started quite messy and funny. At 8.45am i pickup Ting at KSSC and we headed to the meeting point at Shell petrol station after the Sg.Besi toll. Then suddenly Danielle called me and said she had overshot the meeting point and now goin toward Seremban.. lol

The messy part
Then i called up xloader and he told me he cant make it (fly aeroplane) (luckily i called him up or else i will be waiting there like an idiot). So me and Ting move on toward Seremban, then gilamon called me up and say we should gather at Seremban R&R which we did later on and also met up with Danielle and her partner.

Around 11+am we (Me, Slyvan and Danielle) move toward Seremban and reaches there around 12pm. Called up Joe and he said he was on the way to met us at the toll. 3 minutes later i saw Joe's orange colours car from afar, as there is alot of traffic i only saw the colour and last 3 digit of the car (206) then i flashed at Slyan to let him know Joe is here and lets go (he is infront of me). We followed Joe into the city and half way i forgot that Ethan was coming from malacca and we suppose to him at the toll too. So i called up Joe. And in the conversation:

The funny part
M- Joe we supposed to met up Ethan at the toll too.. should we go back?
J- Yeah, i saw ethan already and i going to get him and lead him.. where you guys?
M- Err you saw Ethan? where? we are behind you.
J- Behind me? where? i didnt see you guys driving a naza Citra? (there is 2 behind him)
M- uh?.. errm nope we are behind you, gilamon behind you and i am behind him (By this time Danielle also missing lol)
J- err nope i didnt see you guys, did you follow the right car?
M- Ok wait are you driving your pug? (being thinking that he might be driving another car and the car we following is his family members driving it)
J- No i am driving pug.

Then i check the car infront.. shit.. no spoiler!, stock exhaust!..

M- Ok shit we follow somebody else.. wait i let gilamon know and stop following (i flash my headlight and park at a side.)

Somehow gilamon also flashes the car infront of him and luckily that guy didnt stop lol.. poor guy must be very scared coz suddenly being followed by 3x206 around half the seremban.

Then we reorganize, called up Danielle and pointed at here where to met and called up Joe and asking him where to go. And finally we arrived at the A&W restaurant safe and sound... had our lunch there.
For the 2nd part of the session we move on to Joe's uncle tyre shop. At the shop we also met up with lowpro who had just arrived from KL (after work)
We chatted for awhile found out some prices (Original OZ rims for less than RM3k but only in 17" min size) Then we do some moddification on lowpro's car hehe.. well he just bought the K&N from Gilamon.

For the last part we went to Era walk for dinner.. bak kut teh.. nice.. and another funny things happens again, somewhere on the way to Era Walk we were stuck in a red light, then the light turn green but the 'india uncle' riding a motorbike is not moving, so joe being the first car infront give him a horn, that 'uncle' got shock and start to move but on the sametime also cursing Joe. Then i notice that 'uncle' was moving toward the middle of the road and me being the second car and so close to him i horn him and he move out of the way. Later i found out that Danielle also horn the 'uncle' coz after i pass thru again he moving toward the middle of the road!... LoL.. poor 'uncle' we didnt meant to do that.. it is dangerous la to ride a bike while cursing a car and moving toward middle of the road at the same time...
After Dinner and more talksand jokes ,around 5.30pm the session ended and we all starting to go on our way, Joe goin home, Ethan goin back to Malacca and Gilamon, Danielle and me goin towards KL

On the way back, Danielle was following me closely (Actually her partner is driving the car) and she actually speed up to 160kmph! and at one point almost bang! into me lol.. now who said that new car will accident once at the A&W conversation before and didnt touch wood!!?

Sorry about the end credit name at the ending of the clip.. yeah a few mistaken name spelling.. and please dont make me redo it la.. so many hard work plus uploading would be a hell with my current isp

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TitanRev said...

Nice event, had a great time. Will join you guys next time. If TT on Sunday.