Saturday, January 24, 2009

206 1.4L Fuel Consumption Survey

Recently, there the 206 Bestari (1.4L 8V) got 2nd place in terms of Fuel Consumption under Compact "Premium" City Cars category for Bosch Fuel Efficiency Awards 2008 by Asian-Auto. For the event, the cute little lion scored 5.9L/100KM, while the 1st place was 5.6L/100KM by Fiat Panda.
More info can be viewed here:

Thumbs up and bravo for the cute little lion~ But as we all know, these test might not reflect on real life driving situations, and Fuel Consumption may varies between different driving style / drivers. The event was more of "Efficiency" and how well the cute little lion is able to perform.

So, perhaps owners or potential buyers are more concerned and interested with the actual figure or data from an actual 206 1.4L owner.
For this, we have gathered information from around and we're really greatful that one of our members are willing to share his "data" (a very detailed one, I must say).

You can also visit the link below, one of our member (intermilan) posted a topic on Fuel Consumption database contribution by any members (very good information; includes different engine variants on the 206 and also transmission).
Thanks a lot to intermilan!

The below "data" and analysis is contributed by uncledee. Million~Billion thanks to uncledee for providing such detailed and useful information!

As shown in the table above, you can see it is possible to achieve up to 45mpg or 16KM/L or 6.2L/100Km for normal driving with moderate speeds (highway acording to speed limit; best is maintain around 90km/h).

Please take note that this data is accumulated by normal/daily driving, not for test reasons where one removes items in the car to reduce weight or driving without air-conditioning, etc.

The below is the table with very detailed information for your references:

And also a chart/graph for your references =)

As you can see from the "detail" data above, the Fuel Consumption may varies depending on the driving condition, style, etc.

So, hope the above information are useful for those who are interested and concern about the Fuel Consumption of the car.

As I've mentioned, the actual Fuel Consumption may varies between different drivers. The car may have "such" Fuel Consumption ratings or able to achieve such figures, but in the end, it still depends on the driver and his right foot (or whichever foot you use to press the gas pedal, or other tools/parts you may use, =P )
Thus, you may heard some owners complained badly on the Fuel Consumption while some owners have achieved very good Fuel Consumption.

Allow me to share my thoughts and views on "Fuel Consumption"; Sometimes, many people argued that they didn't drive fast (maintain around 90km/h on highways), but yet, they still have poor Fuel Consumption?
One reason I can "assume" is most probably how one actually "drive" the car; For example,
1. The number of start and stops made (engine on and off)
2. Stop and Go driving (traffic lights, traffic jams, tolls); When you stop or slowed down, you need to "push"/"move" the car up to a certain speed again.
3. How one launches off from stop or slow speed, or overtake cars.

The above, might be overlooked by some people; Yes, one might been driving sedately at 90km/h in highway, but if the person launches off the car quickly (want to get up to speed or overtake, etc), it can affect on how much Fuel is burned. It might be more obvious if there is few traffic lights or tolls, one might want to get off quickly (sounds familiar)?
But then, don't just drive like a tortoise because you want to save on "some" Fuel. Adjust and drive according to the traffic.
Another scenario is, during traffic jams, especially slight traffic jams, how you "drive" can affect your Fuel Consumption too; If you like to keep close distance, launch quickly and stop hard/harshly; You'll burn more Fuel and also affects other parts of your car, such as, brakes, suspension, etc).

Well, that's my opinion on possibilities of why sometimes 2 owners can have different Fuel Consumption figures. Of course, there is also other factors such as Fuel Quality/Brand, Engine Oil, etc. But apart from that, the driving style can also affect the Fuel Consumption. A good example I can share is, I have a friend whose girlfriend is driving a Myvi, when he drove her car, he has quite a different Fuel Consumption figures compared to hers, and both also driving about the same condition. It's the same car, but from my observation, on traffic lights, she loves to get off quickly, and during minor traffic jam on highway, my friend, the guy, hardly needs to stop compared to his girlfriend.

Lastly, despite all the concern on Fuel Consumption, hope you don't drive like a tortoise just to save a little fuel. Just drive according to speed limit and normally, adjust according to traffic condition. Please also do consider for other drivers, especially during traffic light, it's green, no car in front, but because you want to save that fuel, you just maintained your speed, not willing to step more on the gas pedal.

Drive Safely, Smartly and Be Considerate.


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