Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Simple Guide to Removing/Installing the Front Emblem

With Naza's new scheme for purchasing the 206 Bestari at zero interest repayment, we are getting more and more new members now. Many of the new owners want to know how to remove/install the front emblem on their 206.

For the benefits of our new members, here's a simple guide and some photos showing you how to remove/install the front emblem. It's actually very simple. Hopefully with these photos you guys can get a clearer picture of what you're gonna do.

Click on the photos to make them bigger.


Step 1.

Pop your bonnet and open it. You will see something similar to the photo below.
Pull up the 4 pins and take them out. Keep them aside at a safe place. Don't lose any of it.

Step 2.

Take the plastic cover out. In the photo below you can see how it's held onto the front grille. You may need some force to take it out for the first time. But now with the photos, you know how's mounted, should be a lot easier.

Step 3.
With the plastic cover taken away. This is what you will see.

Step 4.

At the rear of the emblem, you can see one screw.

That's the screw that holds the front emblem onto the front grille.

Step 5.
Using TORX T25 wrench, undo the screw... And you'll have the front emblem removed.

Step 6.
This is what you will see when you take away the front emblem.
Now, do all the steps above in a reverse way to install the new emblem.

Alright, that's it.
See? It's really simple, right?

Let's DIY and have fun!!!

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Alan Wong said...

Hey Ethan, I have a friend who is also owning a 206 Bestari who wants to change emblem to Peugeot. Question is... where to buy the Peugeot front, back and wheel hub emblems??
Please reply me at

Thanks a million!!