Thursday, January 8, 2009

First TT for year 2009

Dear all 206ers..

Its time for another TT session for the my206club members. The first in year 2009, and we hope to get some new owners who had just gotten thier car to join us.

Date: 10 Jan 2009 (saturday)
Time: 10.00am(gather at the Petrol station Just after Sg. Besi Toll)
Then Convoy to Seremban.

Estimated time reaches seremban at 10.45am.
(Those who are coming from the difference route eg. Malacca, Johor can met up at the Seremban Toll. )
Continue the convoy to Era Walk and met up with Titan aka Joe ( the seremban 206 (lion) King)

Estimated time: 11.30am-12.00pm (Lunch there at Era Walk)

Time: 3.00pm (Convoy to Titan aka Joe' uncles tyre shop to check out any goodies around there, 15" rims with PCD108 maybe?)

Time: 5.00pm (well up to you guys.. wana head back or see if Joe got any others interesting activities)

For those who are interested please sign up.

1. Titan aka Joe (seremban)
2. Ethan (will be goin from malacca n met up at Seremban toll)
3. Eugene ( from K.L)
4. Xloader (from K.L)
5. lowpro (will be at seremban around 3pm)
6. Danielle (from K.L)
(our first girl power member to join us on TT, so guys behave!)
7. TonyTing (from K.L)
8. Koinmove (from K.L)-?
9. Terry (from K.)-?
10.Andy (from Klang)-?

?= Please confirm.


strikin said...

dear friends,
WHEN is it? i noticed there's no date if i'm not wrong...hehe


TitanRev said...

Its on this Saturday Strikin.

Ethan said...

This Saturday, 10th January 2009.

Those who have yet to get their 206, you can still join. Either go on your own with non-206, or get someone in the list above to fetch you, hehe. You can also see how the car perform.

If I am not wrong, Tony in the list above has yet to get his 206 and will be joining with his Kelisa or Kenari. A first timer too. :-)

So... all are welcome.