Saturday, January 24, 2009

308.. spotted!

308 Spotted!!! and i am allowed to post 2 pic. up only hehe

White really looks nice.. and the rims.. oh yeah.. this is 308 THP

And dont worry about the Naza logo.. it is an easy to peel off stickers..


lowprofile said...

was told the white car already got buyer. in fact, i think ks has sold about 3 of their stock. i think they only have a few cars so those interested better run to the nearest branch and place booking! looks like this baby will sell!!

Eugene said...

the white one in the picture is told to be belongs to the boss.. the grey which is also reg. with WXX308 maybe belongs to one of the boss also?.. and there is another grey which is unreg.

BikerVoodoo said...

I think Keng Soon has or is going to run out of stock for January. Allocation isn't a lot for these cars.

Ethan said...

A good sign for Naza/Peugeot in 2009 the year of Ox huh?

Now you have a car that sell by itself; all you have to do is to make sure your service centers and customer service are on par.

May the Lion roars again in Malaysia.

Alan Wong said...

very nice!!

Alan Wong said...
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