Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rim Repair @ Tek Ming, Sunway

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I think this is the actual place they repair the rims (with price listing):

On Saturday (13th June 2009), I went to Tek Ming, Sunway to repair one of my rim which previously was informed by my regular tyre mechanic that there is a minor 'dent' on one of my rims.

About the dent:
The dent was not noticeable on the outside as it was the inside, and the caused? Was informed it was probably due to potholes. Because they don't have the tools/machine to fix it, so he put the rims on the rear so it won't affect the handling so much.

How I found the shop?
So, as I planned to send my car for alignment and balancing again, I googled to see if there is any shop can repair rims and the price. I found Tek Ming, which advertise in and The price for 16" was RM35. Next, googled further for reviews and found many positive review. Finally, it's decided.

The experience:
It was really funny and awkward. The moment I reached the shop, few of the mechanic "stop-and-stare" as I park my car. It was really awkward and uneasy feeling, feels like they're wondering why I park there, actually I didn't park right in front of the shop. Suddenly, few more mechanic turn up and they stand together and "stop-and-stare" as I was preparing to get down. Suddenly, it strikes me as probably it was their service to greet new customers like Japanese style? Hehe, I don't know, but after I got down, as I walk closer, just when I want to open my mouth, finally one mechanic served me.

Anyway, that's a very "uneasy" and "shy" experience. Finally, I told him about the dent and reconfirm the price and time needed to repair (about 1 hour++). I asked him to check all the rims as I can't remember which rim on the rear was dented, and just in case there is newly "developed" dent on the front. They jack up my BB Lion, spin each wheels a little bit... comes to me with the medical report.
Luckily there was only 1, it's the one.

By the way, I also asked them to do balancing since they're "doing it", but somehow they say my rims might not fit the balancing machine, and if that's the case, they would have to do "on-car wheel balancing". Since I'm not really keen doing "on-car wheel balancing", I just get the rim repaired, and off I go back to my regular tyre shop, Pirelli (Goh Swee Hin) @ Glenmarie (nearby Bluebox Glenmarie).

Overall, their service was good, good workmanship and for me, the price was also good. So, you can put this shop in your list in case you need to repair rim(s) or recommended anyone.

More information:

Repair Sport Rim Size and Price:
13" Inch per sport rim ~ RM20
14" Inch per sport rim ~ RM25
15" Inch per sport rim ~ RM30
16" Inch per sport rim ~ RM35
17" Inch per sport rim ~ RM40
18" Inch per sport rim ~ RM45


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