Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sunday Drive To Camang Water Fall

On Sunday, 2nd August 2009, we organized a drive and trip to Bukit Tinggi (and possibly drive to Camang thereafter), but we ended up with De-Tour and never made it to Bukit Tinggi at the end. Despite the De-Tour and we never get the chance to drive and visit Bukit Tinggi, the day actually turns out very good and fun~
The weather was great, it wanted to rain but luckily it did not. There were few obstacles or mishap but something good actually turns out from it.

Firstly, we rendezvous at BHP Petrol Station @ Karak Highway (just after Gombak Toll).

Group Pictures:

blackdolphin wanting to "lick" Pumbaah's lion (hehehe)

Just when we're about to leave, a green 405 with "GTI" badge roars loudly into BHP Petrol Station and stop just right in front of all of us. It was... Lion King! Hehe
Luckily he made it in time just before we leave, so all of us leave together with a total of 10 lions, just nice~

syan tailing behind me

weiseong in his 3 days old 308 THP (with MoonRoof)

l00n3y (Leonard) in his souped up 308 THP

The Legendary megat206 - the White Lion

The Hunting Pack:

I love this shot

On the way, Lion King took the lead... but... later half way, I receive a call from Pumbaah, asking where we're heading, seems we've passed the turn to Bukit Tinggi. Seems Lion King was over-excited with the drive? Hehehe
All of us stop and re-group just after Bentong Toll and discuss our plans, and finally we decided to de-tour (since we have paid the toll) and change our plans to visit Bukit Tinggi after Camang Water Fall.

Since some of the members haven't had breakfast, we decided to stop by Bentong and have something to eat.

Guided by intermilan, we stop by the below area where we for a cup of tea and some food.

After filling up the empty stomach, some chit-chatting, get-to-know session and also "release" session (aka washroom), we start our jouney towards Camang Water Fall, where the drive there is just simply marvellous.

As we exit the area, we need to get to the other side of the road and the traffic is not helping, thus we stop at the road side waiting for the rest of the lion pack.

intermilan (leader) scouting for the other lions.

No sign yet

Blackdolphin becoming the marshall to help us block some traffic so the lions can be in group

The 5-6km B-road from Bentong main road to Camang water fall is full of twist and turn, narrow roads and tight turns. We weren't informed about this, as it's an add on as a bonus surprise.
The pack was lead by intermilan in his agressive looking 206 followed by two 308 THP (red and black), while I was just behind the black 308 trying to keep up. Following closely behind me was the 406 D9 driven by Pumbaah with his wife asked to sit, grab and hold tight. Hehe

Pity those ladies (wife or girlfriend) whom sat as passenger enduring the whole suspense roller-coaster ride inside the lion, hehe.

The Experience:
The drive was unforgettable, I just love the winding roads there. Here, the lions shines with it's remarkable and impressive handling. It's amazing how well the lion handles such situation with good control, stability and smoothness as you maintain your line and being able to turn sharply at such speed on narrow roads and traffics on the other lane, how easy it is to manouver and turn where you want, how you want. It's just very hard to describe with words, when you finally feel it, you'll know what I'm talking about. Another amazing part is that, at very tight and narrow turns, as you turn in hard, flicking the lion to make the very sharp turn, right after the turn, it was another turn (like an S, very tight one), the lions handles it just so well, smooth and stable. It was simply amazing... I just can't imagne what would happen if I were driving my previous car...

Group Pictures:

At The Water Fall

So Serious...

Who wanna watch "dolphin" show? =P
(Laughs~ just kiddin')

As we leave Camang, I notice megat206 was in front followed by intermilan, I quickly take this opportunity and follow behind intermilan....... Mmmm... now this will get interesting... at the same time... very dangerous, hehe.
As expected, the drive was even more "fun" and "thrilling", man... these 2 are very fast! Have to catch up hard. Adding on to the danger was, the way out has more blind spot for oncoming traffic and what's worst? There's more traffic compared to when we were driving in and this is scary and dangerous especially following these 2 aggressive and fast lion. Overall, it was a great run, as we exit Camang, we stop by the road side to wait for the other packs and I saw intermilan "thumbs up" sign coming out from his driver side window. Oh Yeah, that was FUN~

The White Lion - Megat206 (Notice his "TradeMark" - black)

Next we head on to Raub to have lunch, the famous Fresh Water fish @ Restaurant Sentosa. The lunch was great and we have some good chat. As it's already quite late (3~4pm) and we're also tired, we decided to cancel the drive to Bukit Tinggi.
Before we bid good-bye, we have our usual "session" which is chit-chat by our lions to talk more about our lions.

During our jouney back, some of the members left early, leaving three 206 (including me) and one 308 still hunting in a pack. Later the 308 speed off at the traffic lights and I receive a call from intermilan who left earlier to warn me about the traffic jam at Bentong toll and to use alternative road - old Gombak road.

The traffic jam @ Bentong Toll (picture taken by Lion King)

The remaining pack (three 206; me, lorely3000 and syan) later re-group with the other two 4 series, 405 and 406 (Pumbaah and blackdolphin) to decide on alternative routes while we enjoy the famous Home Made Ice Cream @ Bentong. Hehehe

Finally, after receiving few reports from fellow members, we decided to use the old Gombak road... and... it proves to be worth it and it was another FUN FUN FUN drive~
However tough, the two 4 series is very fast, leaving the three 206 behind. I followed behind lorely3000 (Brandon) while syan is behind me. Few times, the 4-series actually stop and waited for us... uh...
syan was very good tough, despite driving the 1.4L engine and having 16" rims, he actually handles the lion very well, catching up to me very fast as I watched him from the rear view mirror.
Half way through, syan actually overtook me, uh... hehehe.... Nice~ Impressive~
But I'm scared to be the last and be left behind.... Anyway, it's a good view seeing both lions with same engine tackling corners in front of me.
The drive was fun, some part of the road was not in so good condition, and some bends is a big long U turn and ended with a tight turn, quite a surprise if you're driving fast.

Lastly, we finally reach Karak highway... and again, syan is unleashing his lion's potential together with blackdolphin, quite scary to see, hehehe...
Anyway, as we're reaching Gombak toll, it was very jam... we have no choice but to crawl with the others now. When I reach KL, I face few occasional traffic jam before I finally reach home.

It was a great, fun and memorable journey, trip, and drive session. Hope we can have such session again with everything goes smooth and well.


lowprofile said...

good write up!! glad you guys had fun :)

intermilan said...

great article andy!

going for this trip is like opening pandora box for most of us.

contilover said...

Wow..nice job..