Sunday, June 20, 2010

Connects2 USB Interface & Aux Interface

My Connects2 USB Interface and Aux Interface ordered from ebay arrives on May 31st 2010. Initially wanted to wait for the weekend for the installation but my itchy heart and fingers can't wait until weekend and so I've installed it that night itself with the aid of torch lights. No chance to take the picture of the process and before installation already =P

When I first take out the Head Unit, I have no idea which connection to replace. The one provided by Connects2 was blue, but there was already blue connection? Thanks to intermilan for helping me out through "Call For Help", hehe. The blue connection is the wiring/connection for CD Changer, although there was no CD Changer, the wiring/connection is already there ready.

For the USB Interface, it was mentioned that if originally there was no CD Changer, you will need the Aux Interface to program the Head Unit. I don't get the real meaning at first and thought that the USB Interface will need to connect to the Head Unit through the Aux Interface, but after unpacking, the USB Interface and the Aux Interface have exactly the same connection, so the USB Interface will not be connecting to the Aux Interface.

So, firstly, I tried connecting the USB Interface directly to the Head Unit replacing the CD Changer connection, but to no avail. It didn't work.
Then I connect the Aux Interface and it works like a charm, that was really a happy moment =)

Next, I replace the Aux Interface with USB Interface... during connection, I heard a loud "dub", then I saw the MFD showing the CD Changer, but... there was no sound after I connect the LINE IN for AUX. I got worried, maybe the USB Interface is faultyt... I change to Radio, OMG, there's no sound either??? Then I remember the "dub" sound, possibly the speaker is damaged? Oh No....
Staying calm, I removed the USB Interface, and re-try the radio. Still no sound...
Thinking starting the car might be able to reset it. True enough, it works! Oh, that was a real relief.
Then I started thinking, possibly I should connect the USB Interface and start the car to reset the settings.
True enough, it works~ YAY~ =)
So, basically the Aux Interface is just to re-program the Head Unit if we don't have CD Changer.

Next problem is,... where to place this USB Interface. Thinking for quite some time, I decided to double tape it to my Glovebox. The idea isn't very good as the USB Interface device now have "sticky sticky" feels and substance if I remove it... but, after thinking and trying few ways, decided to follow the Nike slogan "JUST DO IT".

My USB Interface, comes with SD Card slot:

MFD, each CD Changer "directory" recommended to store up to maximum 99 songs.

USB Interface Box:

Aux Interface Box:

The unused Connects2 Aux Interface:


Pang said...

harlo..thank for sharing, how much u bought the stuff?

My206GTi said...

Total I paid for both items including shipping and VAT Tax is around GBP100 (around RM500+ when I purchase)

intermilan said...

rm500+.. emm..

did the M'sian Customs tahan the packet and charge you tax bro?

My206GTi said...

Didn't charged tax, lucky? Hehe
But I did notice my package delayed as from the tracking, it already reach Malaysia but take longer than expected, I think around additional 3 days.

Anybody got charged tax before? Not sure how it works and what is the procedure. Do they still send you the item or you need to go and claim?

intermilan said...

Well, well, well...

you are 1 lucky boy, bro...

its depends.
for any item post by airmail, the sender need to declared the value of the item posted by filling up form CN22 and stick it on the package.

This value + the postage cost will determine the item real value. Custom will decide whether to tax or not based on this.

If item is not declared, they will open up the package to search for invoice or receipt inside the packaging. If there is none, its up to them.

If they decide to tax you, your item will kena tahan and they will sent you a letter.

The risk is if the letter is lost. We will never know what happened to your item. Usually this letter do took like 2-3 weeks to reach you (from the date they tahan your item).

In that letter, they will ask you either go to their office (near LCCT) to pay tax (import tax + sales tax) and pick up your item or appoint Pos Malaysia to do it for you. Pos Malaysia will charged you accordingly.

Hope that is clear enough.. Hehehe..
Lucky you, as RM500 item surely kena tax one.

My206GTi said...

Wow! So troublesome! Just to purchase something. Imagine if the thing is urgent, you choose priority shipping which you paid extra, but kena tahan by for 2 weeks. Sounds unreasonable?

Anyway, thanks for sharing. Actually previously, I also bought 5 boxes of product from US which also cover slightly over RM500. Luckily didn't get charged, but it was medication product.

Hatmann I said...

Hi, i took delivery of s Yatour for siemens RD3 usb connector unit and tried to connect it like you said. I got no response from the cd changer. What do you mean by enabling the AUX. FYI the connector is similar to yours ie its blue in color. Appreciate some feedback please. Thanks. Hatmann