Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Special Thanks To The Sponsors For Peugeot Activities

Peugeot Club Malaysia recently organized an Annual Gathering for 2012 to A Famosa Resort for all Peugeot owners in Malaysia. It's good to see more activities happenings for Peugeot communities and bringing the Peugeot brand forward. For this event, they also managed to get some good sponsors to contribute and sponsor for this event and this is something to be proud of as an owner of Peugeot.

We would like to share this good story and also to share the appreciation to these sponsors and hope they will continue and also support any Peugeot activities in Malaysia, bringing the brand forward. Hope there will be more companies sponsoring Peugeot activities in Malaysia.

Some photos of the Annual Gathering 2012 at A Famosa Resort by Peugeot Club Malaysia:

PCM Group Photo at Cowboy Town, A Famosa Resort, Malacca

Owners with their respective Lion breeds


Unknown said...

Peugeot club doing a commendable job.keep it up.

Happy Penguin said...
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Happy Penguin said...

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