Monday, October 13, 2008

206 Specifications - Extra

The "JAEGER" brand tachometer
(Elegant looking tachometer matched with nice transparent needle which will lights up with the lights turned on, coupled with nice "orange" lights. Very beautiful at night.
The meter moves very smooth and nice too; If you're used to conventional meter, you'll love these, and if you go back to conventional meter, you'll suddenly feel a huge different feel.)

When you turn the key to "ON" position, below are a number of features you will be able to see:

1. Intelligent Service Countdown Counter - 19,900KM more to go
(It's variable, not fixed; which means, it might countdown faster depending on a number of condition, such as, no of start and stop, etc)

2. Engine Oil Level Check

3. Current mileage travelled
(Yes, you may start the car at this point =P)

AL4 Gearbox Features:

AL4 gearbox with Tiptronic System By Porshe

D - To drive in Normal Auto
M - To Drive In Tiptronic Mode (Manual; Push level to "+" to shift up and push level to "-" to shift down); very fun and useful feature. *Tiptronic mode is also a Sports mode feature
(There is only 4 gears; the 4th being an overdrive gear)
S  - Sports Mode (For more spirited driving, gear will change at higher RPM)
*  - Snow Mode (for more traction control and prevent wheel spin on slippery surface; starts off in Gear 2 and  doesn't change gear as often an normal Auto)

In Normal Auto (D), the transmission is in Auto-Adaptive mode, that is, it tries to shift according according to your driving pattern.
Internally, it has 3 different pattern, and will creates an identikit potrait of the driver:
1. ECO

The transmission will change between the modes according to the driving behaviour/style of the driver.

The Transmission is in "D" Mode (Normal Auto)

The Transmission is in Sports Mode.

The Tranmission is in Snow Mode.

The Transmission is in Tiptronic Mode (1st Gear)

The Transmission is in Tiptronic Mode (3rd Gear)

Other Features:

Headlamp Level Adjustment Feature

An example of Headlamp Level Adjustment in the work

The Rear Fog lights~
Really beautiful but can be really glaring. 
Only use during heavy rain or in fog/mist.

The Multi Function Display (MFD) - Date & Time Mode

The Multi Function Display (MFD) - CD Track
(Yes, the headunit (aka CD Player) is linked to the MFD or the car ECU; that's why you don't see any display on the player itself)

The Multi Function Display (MFD) - The Outside Temperature

The Multi Function Display (MFD) - Telling you which door is open
(It will display the exact door, e.g. "Front Left Door", "Rear Left Door", etc)

The below are the features of the MFD available for the Bestari 206:
- the time,
- the date,
- the outside temperature* (this flashes if there is a riskof ice),
- the audio system displays,
- a door check (e.g.: ''left front door open''),
- warning messages (e.g. ''remote control battery flat'') or information messages (e.g. ''economy mode active''), displayed temporarily.

Other Nice Feature:

1. When the car is low on fuel, it will provide a "beep beep" warning to warn the driver.
2. Variable  Intermittent Wipers (The speed is variable; automatically adjust it's speed)
3. Automatic Hazard Lights - During Emergency Braking, hazard lights will be automatically turned on to warn other drivers. (SAFETY FEATURE)
4. Follow Me Home feature - keep the headlights turned on for 30 seconds after you've turn off the engine, to provide light assistance while you open the door into your house. (SAFETY FEATURE)
5. ECONOMY MODE - Power Saving Feature.
(After turning off engine, you can still use the Radio, CD Player, and other eletrical for about 30 minutes before entering ECONOMY MODE; Thus, you can rest assured if you forget to turn off your headlights)

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