Friday, October 17, 2008

Important Information

Useful Links:
1. Very detailed and good information on your Peugeot's servicing schedule and the recommended lubricant:
(Do have a look through, there is a detail chart for each model, and also mentioned which lubricant is not suitable for certain engines)

For 206 Bestari:
1. Your BB Lion's first "Inspection" is at 2,500KM or 3 Months (whichever comes first).
This "Inspection" is important as we were told that this "inspection" will also be activating your WARRANTY.
Yes, it's a catch, so please please please do NOT miss this "inspection.

* tropical climate countries - high humidity, dusty, etc.
* urban uses - frequent stop-and-go, short distance trip, frequent heavy traffic with stop-and-go driving, etc. (e.g. taxis)

For All 206 or Peugeot with AL4 Gearbox (Automatic) in tropical climate countries and/or urban uses:
Our Recommendations:
1. Change your Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) every 30,000KM or 1 Year (whichever comes first).
2. Change your Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) Filter every 60,000KM or 2 Year (whichever comes first).
3. Only use PSA (Peugeot-Citroen) specified/approved Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF).

Note: If you ever notice the ATF is dirty, do not opt for flushing; instead, for this AL4, it is recommended to do multiple ATF change. For example:
1. After your initial ATF change, drive it for some time (e.g. 1,000KM), then go for 2nd ATF change.
2. If you ATF is still not clean enough, you may repeat Step 1 above.
(This is recommendation according to Citroen)

For ALL 206 or Peugeot cars in tropical climate countries and/or urban uses:
1. It is recommended to change your Brake Fluid and Coolant every 2 Years.
* Models with rear drums and no ABS, will need to change Brake Fluid every year.
* Do NOT mix DOT3 and DOT4 brake fluids.
* Do NOT use DOT5 brake fluids.
2. Pay special attention to the replacement of timing belt every 3 years in older models and every 5 years in newer vechicles. Check your user handbook, and don't just look on the mileage alone.

1. Brake Fluid:
The use of DOT4 brake fluid (which absorbs humidity from the air) it is recommended to replace the brake fluid every 2 years.
* For models with rear drums and no ABS, requires replacement every year because these models have cast iron cylinders that are more susceptible to corrision with the humidity absorbed in the fluid during the year
2. Coolant:
The coolant system must be drained and refilled every 2 years because the lubricating qualities of the anti-freeze additive breakdown, and can cause the alloy engine block to corrode.

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