Sunday, November 15, 2009

Autoworld's 10th Annivesary "TT"

Picture courtesy of Peugeot Club Malaysia (PCM)

Last Sunday, 8th November 2009. Autoworld held their 10th Annivesary celebration at Shah Alam Go-Kart Circuit Car Park, Shah Alam Stadium. There is Go-Kart challenge as well as Autoworld's 2nd Safety & Defensive Driving Course in conjuction with the celebration. Aside from the events, there is demos by various sponsors (such as KL Auto, Gophers, Arc Flash and many more), as well as lucky draws. The D.I.Y. Auto Detailing Enthusiast from Autoworld also held their gathering there and also carried out demo sessions (they detailed Jaime's ride!).

Oh, not to forget, there's even Drift Showcase by Team Tyrepac Kumho.

Various car clubs were invited, including Peugeot Club Malaysia. On top of that, we're given free gift (goodies bag) for attending and supporting the event. It is very nice of Autoworld.

For more information, you can check out Autoworld's 10th Annivesary microsite:

Another Group Picture (Change Camera Man)
Picture courtesy of Peugeot Club Malaysia (PCM)

Registration @ Autoworld Booth - collecting our free gifts (goodies bag)
Picture courtesy of uncleD (ahwan308)

Peugeot Club Malaysia Banner

megat206, Andy214, intermilan, tnash
Picture courtesy of uncleD (ahwan308)

uncleD, megat206, intermilan, tnash, ???
Picture courtesy of uncleD (ahwan308)

Posing under the tree
Picture courtesy of Peugeot Club Malaysia (PCM)

Hot day~
Picture courtesy of Peugeot Club Malaysia (PCM)

gmoux demo on the strength of AutoFoam by KL Auto
Picture courtesy of Peugeot Club Malaysia (PCM)


Finally, not sure anyone has spotted a very rare and unique Lion from the above picture...


I meant this one...



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