Saturday, November 14, 2009

New Sport Rims for Sale!!!

15", 6.5J, 4 Holes, PCD 108mm, Offset 20mm.
Perfect size for Peugeot 206.

In my opinion, these all-white wheels would look especially good on 206 with these colours... Grey, Red, Maroon, Aegean Blue, Black, and of course, WHITE!



lowprofile said...

good looking stuff... but will wait till i get my 207 sedan first ;)

Ethan said...

This is rally styling la, not so "ngam" with 207 sedan car eh. :P Rally wheels are great for hatchback, hehehe.

lorely3000 said...

Is the strength strong enough for actual rallying?

pez said... it..can trade with ori pugeot 15" sport rims??

Eugene said...

i think trade in should be no problems.
No trade-in RM2800.
After trade-in RM2600
deal? hehe

Ethan said...

Hi Pez... There are several different stock rims for Peugeot 206 leh. So I don't know which one do you have. Show me a picture ok?

lowprofile said...

i had those rims on my 207 sedan, unfortunately the size was wrong and i had to use spacers :p now back to the standard 15" rims.