Tuesday, January 5, 2010

ECOTINT offers for my206club members.


Fantastic news! Ecotint is having a CNY promotion for My206Club members. Every customer spending above RM1,500 on tinting will be entitled to FREE 3 nights accomodation in Bali or Phuket. Will update terms and condition soon....

Package (Solar film) - Applicable to 206 and 308

1. Solar/Safety Film (Ray Barrier Front + Rear, Hybrid 6 mil side) - 8 Years Warranty
Normal price: RM2,400.00 / My206Club members : RM2,040.00

2. Ray Barrier (Full Car) - 10 Years Warranty!!
Normal price: RM2,000.00 / My206Club members : RM1,700.00

3. IR-02 (Side + Rear) Ray Barrier (Front)

Normal price: RM988 + RM250 / My206Club members : RM1,050.00

4. Indulgence (Silver/Gold/Green) (Front windscreen - STD)
Normal price: RM980.00 / My206Club members: RM830.00

5. Impulse (Blue) (Front windscreen - STD)
Normal price : RM600.00 / My206Club members : RM510.00

6. Seamist 60 (Side + rear), Ray Barrier (Front)

Normal price: RM999.00 / My206Club members: RM900

Note: 5 years warranty for Packages 3-6

For more information about the spec of the film please go here

To members who are interested to get this package at the special price, please email me and I will send you the voucher.


Joint Promo Vibratiles and Vibramat (sound proofing) for your 206!!

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