Thursday, January 7, 2010

Another Getting-Married-Convoy! Bigger! Longer Distance! More Fun!

Hey guys... Andy has got his wedding convoy of more than fifteen 206 last month.
Guess what... Another of our member is getting married soon! And it's real soon!

I'm organizing a convoy on behalf of them. The bridegroom is from KL and the bride is from Negeri Sembilan. We will be doing a convoy from KL to "bring" the bridegroom (and her friendssss!!!) from her home.

It's just like what we have did during Andy and Cheryl wedding but it will be longer distance and more fun this time! It will be grand grand 206 convoy from KL to Negeri Sembilan, man!

If you have missed the great convoy we did for Andy and Cheryl, don't miss it this time!

It will be on 7th February 2010.
If you wanna join us, please confirm your attendance with me as soon as possible.
Thanks in advance.

Contact me (Ethan) or (Andrew) at... or O16 41O 1983

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