Wednesday, April 29, 2009

206 Major DIY TT events

Dear all,

Currently we are planning to had a major TT for all 206ers. This TT would be a different from just a normal TT as it will involve some DIY session, knowledge apart from just getting to know each others.

Please feel free to read more here

So Guys & Gals, it is confirm that the DIY TT Events for 206 will be held on:

Date: 1st May 2009
Time: 10.00am onwards
Locations: Shah Alam Extreme Park

Sifus that confirm will be able to attend:

1. DIY ing your 206 with our King of DIY - Joe aka Titan (OK)
2. Where to buy the emblems with our Emblems King - Blackdolphin (OK)
3. Caring of your car paint and body with our Pro detailing.- Andy (OK)
4. The Blue UK lion with our Imported 206 - tnash (OK)
5. How better to deal with the SC or SA with our Advisor - lowpro (OK)
6. How to DIY service your car with our Service Master - xadi (OK)

Initial time-table:

10am-12pm : DIY session by the sifus
12pm-2pm : Lunch time and Friday prayers
2pm-5pm : Continued DIY session

Special discount for those who come and buy from Blackdolphin (Andrew) - emblems, logo, accessories etc.

Thank you


TitanRev said...

Aiyo....don't lah put me in the sifu range. Me still newbie on very noob de..driving stock car some more..... =.=' slow and old.

Eugene said...

yaya sifu Joe..

Ethan said...

I'll come if I am back in time la. Not sure when will I be back yet.

And Joe, stop calling your car a slow and old stock car la. That's simply not true!

Eugene said...

Ethan i tot u will be in BMWlands for 1 month?

My206GTi said...


come back for 1st May enough, labour day ma =)

Don't treat Joe like that la, ppl used to drive Subaru's and other Sport cars, of course for him is slow and old stock car lo

My206GTi said...

*paiseh* (shy), should say he still got drive those car, not just used to

TitanRev said...

Ethan, I really don't feel fast leh..It's true. Not bragging about my car or what but I really feel that it's slow compare to my Frontier, Rex and my sis MyVi don't know why. *Cry

My206GTi said...


Chassis too good, too stable; don't feel fast when going fast, ehehe

Ethan said...

Yeah, initial plan is to work here in BMWland for 1 month. But if I finish my tasks earlier, I don't think my boss would let me stay till 1 month leh.

By the way, I went to Ferrariland last weekend. In 1 weekend I see more Ferrari and Maserati than I did in the past 26 years.

aimighazali said...
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Ethan said...

I'll be there.
Just confirmed the tickets, would be back to KL on 30/04.

Eugene said...

so what special items u bringing back?.. dont just bring back catalog laa

Ethan said...

Actually, not much... haha. If you want the badgeless grille then I bring back lor. What else do you expect?

OZ Racing ar? Peugeot Sports ar? Price is very tempting, but I really don't have the budget right now la...

Eugene said...

hehe the badgeless grille how much?

lowprofile said...

it was a great get together!! thanks guys!!

My206GTi said...

It was great, but it was darn hot! LoL! I think I got sun burn, LoL!

Anyway, about everyone so called "SHIFU" also shy shy to present their part, hehe, and anyway, it's too hot to do it.

But I think the decarbonizing session was great, thanks to tnash for arranging it!

TitanRev said...

BIG BIG thanks for Eugene, the taikor or the big 'ular sawa' for this great event. You memang look like taikor with the ciggies and the way you get down from the car at SS15 McD. Hahahahaha~~

Slyvan, Thanks for the direction and was great to see you. Its been a while since we chatted so much. Hahaha

Thanks to Tnash. Great product! Can feel the difference immediately. Nice car also.

xadi, also did a nice guide on DIY servicing the car.

Megat, was good too as he shared with us the strong point of the GTi engine...'hantam kau kau pun takde apapa leaking' Insane driver. Manage to shot his wacky 206 in action.

Thanks lowpro, for the sneak peek of the coming new Pug model.

Ethan, thanks bro for showing us the overseas catalog. Ethan, my car not hardcore...Tnash is...

Thanks BD for the cooler box and lending his car boot and shading me with his umbrella then gave us all a hot strip tease show on the photo shoot session. Really cannot forget until yesterday I went to sleep..Dead Sexy..More hotter than Megan Fox...Bwahahaha BD you look so nervous at BK when you forgot who took what...Hahahaha

Terry, still want Go kart ah? time.

Congrats to Andy for his love to his lion. Kesian~~wash the car for 3 hours...Fuh~~salute...

Thanks to Ain206 for the Nasi. Even though I didn't take...Hehehe

Henry, your are the man loh~~from the furthest state.

Aini, glad that you enjoy the TT more than the last one. Hope lowpro and Megat shed some lights on your car's problem and get it fix soon..Hehehe.

To others that I can't remember the names you are all great chaps.

Eugene said...

Hey guys & gals,
Thank you all for this successful and meaningful TT!... we got more than 30 cars arrived! and it is the biggest gathering of 206ers i ever saw...

Thanks to every that come from sponsors of food n drinks to guide and demo given on the day... also thanks to 3 of our photographer and special thanks to dolphin coz altho he doesnt drove 206 his still fully suppoerted the events!

i will try to update the events in full details including the photos n video captured on the day asap..

My206GTi said...


Actually, got 1 person travel ALL THE WAY from JB leh... so pity him, hehe. Great to see owners travelling from so far to join the TT, so touching~

TitanRev said...

Touching leh andy...nah..faster take my tissue and wipe off your tears....Hahahaha