Sunday, April 19, 2009

Peugeot 206 Steering logo/cover

Recently, there is a hit of rebadging the Bestari emblems/logo to Peugeot amongs new/old owners of the car and steering logo is one of the most expensive badge to change. Not only that there is also alot of question arise regarding the warranty and safety of changing the steering logo. Some said it is still covered by warranty (from naza) and some said its not, some change it by simply taking out the naza logo and replace it with peugeot logo while some change the whole cover.

Today i would like to give some info regarding the chaging of the whole cover, for this i had got hold myself a new unit of the steering cover and this is what i found out.

New original steering cover with lion logo

Now this is a brand new steering cover, from front its looks like any steering cover of Peugeot 206. But i do notice there is no breaking line which when the airbag deploy the center of the cover will break apart then flip up.

Back of the steering cover

From the back its look normal also with the spring ( for honk) but somehow i felt alot of thing is missing.

Bottom side view looking at the inside

Ok from here you will notice there is no airbag in the cover. Instead there is just plain empty with a metal plate revetted to the from part of the cover which the air bag supposely sit on.

Side view showing inside of the cover

Now another view the metal plate is rivetted both on the front and back part of the cover. Now the question is, when u replace the original naza steering cover which come with the airbag to this unit, wouldnt you need to break the rivet? And if you dont break it with the metal plate still attached, how the airbag goin to be fitted in and how the airbag goin to be deploy with the metal plate being there?

A closer view of the rivetted part

Looking at this all i could think of is, when changing the steering logo by changing the whole steering cover method there might be only few ways,
1. They just change the whole cover meanings no more airbag inside the steering.
2. They break apart the front part of the steering cover, taken out the metal plate. But by doing so how they going to rivet it to the airbag? will it be reliable, safe? and remember there is no breaking line on the cover also.

My206club never encourage the owner to change the steering logo because it is a risky thing to do, however it is up to the owner. We only can give you our opinions and we wouldnt even dare to advise.

If you really wanted to change the steering logo there is only one way and it is the right way. To change the whole steering which comes with the airbag at the authorise service center. Which will cost you thousand of ringgit, other than that it is a risky satisfaction vs your life.

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Ethan said...

Great info. Thanks a lot.

And, to everyone reading this, please be reminded that you are not supposed to modify any part in your car if you want to keep it under warranty. Modifications are bad. Bad for your wallet at least. :-P

Do it at your own risk, and enjoy. :-)