Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Non-Auto Related: You Can Shine

My brother send me the link to this very nice and touching commercial, I wish to share this with all My206Club members:

Hope you all will enjoy it:

"Why am I different from others?"
"Why... do you have to be like others?"


Ethan said...

Good one. But... I don't understand how a spoilt violin can make music leh... The girl is sweet anyway. hehe.

Eugene said...

Canon!!! i love it man.. and this ads does makes my eye abit wet...uhh

My206GTi said...

Yea, broken violin, they should've not shown it broken. Plus the ending they like fast forward the play, kinda wasted such nice scene.

Anyway, this ad is meaningful and touching, just the "beat up" part was a little too much in my personal opinion.

Eugene said...

the thing is the music itself already so beautiful.. the images is just to add something to it so you can hear n see.. imagine if the video is about weddings, babies etc.. it still will had the same effect.

My206GTi said...

wedding, babies is different scenario. I'm talking about the story and meaning in this video. So the song is like complements it, make it even better.

Anyway, if talk about the song, the last part of the video where they fast forward the song doesn't make it so nice la, but maybe wanna cut short the advert.

So, your BB time, gonna play this song la? hehehe~