Sunday, February 22, 2009

Peugeot 308 GT & THP Test Drive Experience

Recently, two of our members went for Peugeot 308 Test Drive. Initially was supposed to be testing of the CKD models, but it might not satisfy our "legendary" GTi driver, megat206. So, we introduce him to the "beast", Peugeot 308 GT.

From the initial checking out, there isn't much difference in terms of looks of the engine, nothing much to impress him except for the "additional" features and looks. But once he gets to taste the "power" of the "beast", it's a whole lot different story... Even the sales advisor were surprised and quickly keep his handphone and get a hold of the seat. The atmosphere changes immediately the moment the awaken the "beast". The feeling inside the car at that moment was very hard to describe, the fear, the uncertainties, it's more scary than your usual Roller-Coaster ride, it's like entering a different world immediately. Suddenly, I have the feeling, I don't want to be in it, I want to get out, but I have a duty to finish, that is to capture this magnificent video... (Ok, I was joking about my duty, hehe).
In just a short drive, he managed to understands very much about the car, handle it very well and the confidence. He shifts very sharply and at very exact RPM; When I tested it last time, there was REV limiter, but he shifts at the exact RPM without triggering the REV limiter.
For this, I would like to say, finally, the LION has "finally" come ALIVE. Finally, someone has utilized it's potential and awaken it.

The second test drive was the THP unit, automatic transmission. The test driver was intermilan, a very experienced and senior Peugeot owner, especially with the automatic transmission. He's one of the perfect person for the job, hehe.
From the videos, you can see and experience the tremendous torque from the car, and also the features/functions of the "auto-adaptive" gearbox. You will notice the gearbox acts like a manual, it adapts to the driver's behaviour and changes the gears from the "logic" it has determined from the driver's driving behaviour; such scenario can be seen in the video when you see intermilan "wanted" to downshift manually, but the "auto-adaptive" gearbox downshift for him first, much faster than him; thus, this gives immediate response of power delivery.

Pictures worth a thousand words, action speaks louder than words; So, the video below is best to show you the details:
(As usual, in the videos, you can't "feel" the feeling inside the car and the speed, so you might not feel the thrill, but trust me, if you're in the car megat206 drives, you will wished you weren't inside; as I said, the moment he brings the "beast" alive, the whole atmosphere changes totally...).


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Alan Wong said...

Great video of both drives.