Friday, February 13, 2009

206 1.4L Fuel Consumption Data

One of our member, yes, it's uncledee again, just shared his detailed fuel consumption "data" collected for his Chinese New Year holiday trip which covers over 1000KM.
For those who didn't know, uncledee is the one who contributed the very detailed "data" with chart/table of fuel consumption on the previous Fuel Consumption Survey post.

These are "actual" average figures which cover all possible conditions such as, hi-ways, trunk-roads, state-roads, city-streets, slow and hi-speed driving. About 3/4 of the entire journey was within +-20% speed limits . The remaining 1/4 was either crawling below 50km/hr or high-speed 'chasing' above 150km/hr.

No of Occupants: 2 adults (including driver) + 1 teenager + approx 50kg of loads in boot
[total loads around 200kg excluding fuel weight]

Cold Tyre Pressure: 35psi
Tyre size: 185-65-R14 [2% larger in circumference wrt stock tyre 175-65-R14]
Total Distance: 1108km [trip-meter reading] Kuala Lumpur-Kuala Lipis-GuaMusang-Jeli-Machang-Kuala Terengganu-Kuantan - Kuala Lumpur-Putrajaya + spinning around those towns.

Fuel used:
By first filling the tank to the brim [the first top-up was not part of the consumption - only odometer reading was taken, trip-meter was set to 0].
During and at the end of the trip the tank was refilled to the brim again. The total amount of the 'top up' fuel to the brim= RM145.86 [81.03litre] is the actual fuel consumed for the entire journey.

Fuel Consumption Results:
7.31l/100km, or
13.67km/litre, or
13.16cent/km @ RM1.80/litre

The tyre circumference on the car is 2% larger than the stock tyre size, hence the EXACT consumption should be adjusted accordingly; i.e
7.17litre/100km [a little bit above 7litre/100km]
13.94km/litre [almost 14km/litre]
12.90cent/km [slightly below 13cent/km]

Thanks to uncledee for the "data".

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