Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Peugeot-Assistance (1800-88-0747 or 016-274 0710)

The Twin-lions are ready at your service~

Peugeot-Assistance Hotline: 1800-88-0747 Or 016-274 0710
It offers 24-Hour breakdown assistance for Peugeot cars, regardless of models (yes, 206 Bestari is a Peugeot 206), and free towing within a distance of 150KM.

This is a great news for Peugeot owners in Malaysia as we can now see Nasim's effort to providing better after-sales services for Peugeot in Malaysia. The twin-lions below are captured during the launching of the 407 Face-Lift.

Hopefully we will see more improvements and good news on after-sales services and also spare parts availability and pricing~

One thing tough, I personally thinks strongly that they should rebadge/restore the badge to Peugeot.

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Eugene said...

haha then they would had to buy from BD lol